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enCOMPASS Agency Takes Home 14 W3 Awards

Here at enCOMPASS, we have a simple mantra—in fact, it is our mission statement; we’re committed to “Great Work That Makes a Difference.” What this means is that we come into the office each morning ready to do high-quality work on the client’s behalf; work we’re proud of and stand behind. Work that translates into real-world, bottom-line benefits for our clients. We want to help them reach new audiences, grow their companies, and make efficient use of every last marketing dollar.

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What Do Facebook’s New Privacy Rules Mean for Advertisers?

Over the last few years, concerns over the nature of online privacy have reached a boiling point, and many prominent online platforms have been forced to take a more proactive approach to safeguarding user data. The most obvious example of this is Facebook, which caught fierce criticism in the wake of the 2016 Cambridge Analytica scandal.

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Meet the Team: Jennifer Schroeder, Design & Development Team

Welcome to the fourth installment of our "Meet the Team" series! We've selected our next enCOMPASS team member, asked a few questions, and posted her answers here—for an insider's look at who we are and why we do what we do.

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What is Display Advertising?

One of the most exciting aspects of digital marketing is that it’s easier than ever before for advertisers to address consumers at different stages of the sales funnel. As a case in point, consider display advertising. Display advertising is a strategy that’s proven highly effective at building brand awareness and even engendering favorable attitudes from consumers, before they reach the point of purchase.

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Understanding First-Party vs. Third-Party Data

It’s increasingly commonplace for marketers to use customer data to inform their strategy and approach. Statistics show that an overwhelming majority of marketers have increased their reliance on data in recent years, and most marketers at least say they’re going to become more data-driven in the months to come.

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Average Page Position in Google is Dead

As you embark on any kind of PPC initiative, it’s important to define your metrics and clarify how you’ll evaluate your campaign. Google has long offered advertisers a spectrum of metrics to choose from, and historically, one of the more meaningful metrics has been Average Page Position.

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How UX Can Increase Conversions

What’s the goal of your business website? It’s not a trick question. You naturally want to achieve results through your site, and that’s only possible when you set some clear benchmarks. For most businesses, the ultimate goal of the website is to boost conversions, whether that’s email inquiries, phone calls, appointments, or online purchases. In some cases, you might even define conversions as email newsletter subscriptions or engagement on social media.

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The Benefits of Sending an Email Newsletter

Amidst flashier, more high-tech marketing solutions, the email newsletter has sadly been lost in the shuffle. Yet ignoring this key form of customer outreach could be detrimental to your broader marketing outcomes. The simple reality is that email newsletters work; they remain one of the most valuable ways for businesses to directly engage with their customers. When properly managed, an email newsletter can lead to a greater brand rapport, to increased website traffic, to more conversions, and beyond.

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Simple Ways to Improve Local SEO

In 2019, SEO is local. That’s doubly true for brick and mortar businesses, which thrive on being easily discoverable by search engine users in the immediate area. That’s ultimately what gets people filing into the restaurant or the store, and as such, it’s no exaggeration to say that local SEO can make or break your broader marketing efforts.

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Meet the Team: Mark Hansen, Digital Media Team

Welcome to the third installment of our "Meet the Team" series, which features members of our enCOMPASS Agency team. We've chosen our next target, asked him a few questions, and posted his responses here—just to give you an insider's look at who we are and why we do what we do.