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website development

Beyond the Surface

Website design is all about form, and development is where we focus on function. Once your website design is ready to become a reality, it’s imperative that the development of your website is given the same amount of attention to detail as the design...if not more! At enCOMPASS Agency, the web design and development teams collaborate so nothing gets lost in translation. The result is a website designed to leverage user behavior, maximize time spent onsite, and deliver a flawless experience that facilitates conversions. Website development is the true differentiator between a quick-loading, optimized, fully functional website and, well…everything else.

True Programmers

enCOMPASS Agency websites last longer and get measurably greater results thanks to our Interactive Marketing Intelligence approach. As a mature digital advertising firm, we ensure that web development is done only by seasoned and experienced programmers. All of our code is written by experienced programmers with years of knowledge in best practices and code writing. We will write the most efficient and bug free-code possible to ensure that your website loads fast and all of its features work. All of our code is written to current standards with browser compatibility in mind. Your site will be HTML5 and CSS3 ready with compatibility across all browsers being maximized.

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Web Development + Search Engine Optimization

Because our code is hand written, we can take the extra steps to make sure the code is optimized for the search engines. Whether your project is a simple template or a complex extension, our code will be optimized for search engine indexing. Our sites are fully compatible with all current search engine optimization techniques. If you are in a highly competitive industry and need the extra boost of additional optimization, our sites are completely customizable.

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Joomla! Website Development

Over the years we have found certain features that every business with a web presence needs in order to maximize the value of their website. We include all of these features in our base installation. One of the most efficient ways of doing so, when it’s right for your business needs, is to build a highly customized version of Joomla!

This award-winning content management system (CMS) is one of the most popular Open Source platforms available today. It empowers our developers to efficiently build highly customized world-class websites with powerful online applications.

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Mobile First

enCOMPASS Agency is proud to be on the leading edge of the rapidly changing world of web design and development. We develop all of our sites with our Interactive Marketing Intelligence Development platform where websites are created to be experienced seamlessly on ALL devices & screen sizes regardless of the platform or orientation.

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