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Carolina Custom Wheels Case Study
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Carolina Custom

The Challenges:

In early 2015, enCOMPASS was approached by a brand-new company, Carolina Custom, and tasked with the development of a complete marketing strategy. The goal was simple: turn their Jeep and truck customization shop into a profitable business while building a strong brand to put them on the map.

Then, in 2021, we were challenged yet again: amidst the COVID pandemic, utilize intelligent marketing to highlight the launch of their brand-new facility while increasing website traffic and conversions.

A Brand-New Company / A Newly-Branded Company

Capturing the Spirit

Like all of our projects, we started with research. Our design team scouted out what others in the industry and area were doing, and planned a trip to go talk to the employees to learn what sets Carolina Custom apart.

Carolina Custom Showroom
We visited the showroom and workshop and talked to the experts to figure out what made the Carolina Custom process so incredible.

As it turns out, our client had a lot to offer that most other places didn't, and you wouldn't know that by walking into their showroom. We wanted to make it obvious to people looking at their future websites and marketing media that they can do it all, from lift kits to teflon coatings to printed grills. From there, we built a robust keyword-centric navigation and information architecture that served as the blueprint for their new site.

Retooling & Rebranding

Working closely with the client over the next several months our team designed new branding that could help tell Carolina Custom's story at a glance. We worked hard to give them some ruggedness while also conveying credibility— each technician is a professional and their branding needed to speak to the value inherit in that.

Carolina Custom Wheels Logo
Their original logo wasn't custom enough, so we made them an emblem by mixing a little bit of grit with a little bit of class.

The fully responsive website was designed to showcase custom vehicles that have come out of the shop, as well as the plethora of services offered. We designed each page to be impressive and informative while guiding visitors to take the first step in contacting our client.

To really show off their work and captivate new site visitors, we planned a video shoot with the intent to feature their vehicles in action prominantly on the homepage. We worked with a local video team to film us driving over the countryside in jeeps and we provided the direction for how to put the cuts together.

Custom Jeep Video Shoot
While driving their custom Jeep vehicles, we got some beautiful footage for the homepage video.

The website also engages users with a Vehicle Customization Tool, allowing them to fully customize vehicles of their choice with endless color options, custom wheels and exterior accessories.

Communicator Gold Award
Communicator Gold Award 2
Communicator Gold Award 3
Communicator Silver Award 1
Communicator Silver Award 2
Davey Award Silver
W3 Award
w3 Award 2
Since its launch in September 2015, Carolina Custom has won 3 gold and 2 silver Communicator Awards, 1 silver Davey Award, and 2 silver W3 Awards.

Adding Solid Marketing, Building Momentum

Taking the Website for a Spin: Offroad Performance

A great website is just the first piece to the puzzle. Using our expertise in SEO we optimized their website to make sure that users could find them, both on a local & national level, when looking for Jeep or truck customization. Organic traffic has continued to grow each month since launch, with over of 4,500 unique visitors hitting the site each month from various organic traffic sources.

Organic Search Traffic Chart
Check out those organic search results! This chart shows search traffic from October 2015 to April 2017.

The initial launch of Carolina Custom Wheel’s new website included a paid search campaign, a Pandora radio campaign and a t-shirt giveaway to users who signed up for the e-mail list. Within the first month the website had generated over 1,700 unique visits and 82 conversions, ranging from Contact form submissions, phone calls, and e-newsletter sign ups.

Driving New Traffic

The modest Paid Search campaign for Carolina Custom continues to drive qualified leads to their website. Users looking for custom Jeep Vehicles, lift kits, truck bed liners and more are served Carolina Custom ads when they are searching near the shop.

PPC Metrics for the first 20 months:

  • Almost 1,000,000 impressions
  • Over 14,000 visits
  • Average click-through rate of 2.56%
  • Average Form Conversion Rate of 3.58%
  • Average monthly phone calls: 48

Overall, the site now averages:

  • Over 4k visits per month
  • Over 130 conversions per month
  • Over a 3.21% conversion rate

The Story Continues: 2022 Update

This case study was originally written in 2017; in the time since, we've continued our successful partnership, utilizing search engine marketing (SEM), email marketing, online video, and digital audio tactics. In 2021, Carolina Custom launched a brand-new, 100,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility. With the help of our strategic marketing and a focus on their new facility's capabilities, Carolina Custom has soared to new heights.

enCOMPASS created this online video to help introduce Carolina Custom's all-new facility. 

Growing Carolina Custom to a $4 Million+ Company

Featuring a full array of specialized vehicle modification capabilities under one roof, Carolina Custom has invented new ways to service the customer. And to highlight their new customization possibilities, enCOMPASS invented new ways to tackle marketing — even during the COVID pandemic.

As a result of our marketing efforts, Carolina Custom's website now averages ten thousand new users and hundreds of lead conversions each month! enCOMPASS Agency is proud to be a part of turning an idea into reality and growing Carolina Custom to a $4 million+ company!

Carolina Custom New Facility
With their brand-new, state-of-the-art facility, Carolina Custom has grown to a $4 million+ company!

The success from this venture has also allowed Carolina Custom to secure work on fleet accessories, which has grown their other business ventures signifcantly.

Jack SalzmanJack Salzman


"enCOMPASS Agency has been a huge part of our success. Their guidance through all of the challenges is what makes them a true partner, and not just another vendor."

A High-Value Deal: 2023 Update

Carolina Custom's achievements have captured the attention of other businesses, who want to understand their steps to success. As a result, owners Jack Salzman and Robin Smith sold Carolina Custom⁠—and their related dealerships⁠—to Parks Automotive Group in January 2023. The sale is believed to set a record for the highest-value deal of its kind. 

The Road Ahead

enCOMPASS is incredibly grateful to be a part of Carolina Custom's success. We continue to work closely with Carolina Custom and their new team to implement state-of-the-art digital media campaigns including citation services, digital audio, online video, email, SEM/paid search ads, display, social media, and more. 

Want to rev up your online marketing? See how enCOMPASS Advertising Agency can bring your brand to life by reaching out to us today.