Display Advertising

The enCOMPASS Display Advertising Difference

Display advertising combines the incredible engagement of multimedia content with the precision targeting and data-collection capabilities of digital advertising. Thanks to retargeting and mobile capabilities, your display ads can be used to directly target individuals in various levels of the sales funnel. At enCOMPASS Agency, optimizing eCPM is square one. We eliminate the complexity of managing multiple networks by matching you with an ideal, hand-tailored display-advertising network for making meaningful connections with your audience.

Getting Real Results from Display Advertising

The goal of display advertising is to inspire action. Our team will work with you to isolate marketing personas and hone in on individuals based on criteria like age, gender, race, search history, interests, and geo location. We’ll help you develop the type of messaging that moves them to act while staying true to your brand. Engagement is key, so we maximize your impact by curating a targeted network of national, local, and social properties where your ads are proven to generate the greatest return.

Neutralizing Fraud

Online display advertising gives you the ability to target and track the user’s actions that translate into business. The down side is that not every visitor is necessarily a human. Bot fraud – fake traffic simulated by malicious programs -- is rampant online. As your digital advertising partner, it’s enCOMPASS Agency’s responsibility to protect you from traffic spam and click fraud. Our custom-audience platform was the first to successfully provide campaign verification, and we use third-party adometry and Double Click verification to confirm impressions and prevent false clicks. Fraud prevention is built into our interactive marketing campaigns, and we’re constantly monitoring for new threats. When your display advertising is executed by enCOMPASS Agency, you’ll always be proactively protected.

Intelligent On-Point Delivery

The IMI Display Advertising Platform ensures that the right content gets displayed in the right place every time. It uses demographic, psychographic, geographic, behavioral, and social-media data to devise the most effective display campaigns for your brand. Whether you need a JavaScript tag or an image tag, a customer variable or a publisher macro, we’ve got you covered. In addition to delivering your display ads, the system also compiles proof of delivery. At every moment of your campaign, you’ll know that your ads are running precisely where and when they should be.

New to Retargeting?

Have you ever checked out a product on a website and then noticed that item or company popping up pretty much everywhere you look? That’s a display advertising strategy we call Retargeting, otherwise known as Remarketing. Retargeting is the practice of displaying targeted ads to people who have previously shown interest in your company. When a visitor comes to your website, a small piece of code is dropped in their browser. When those past visitors are viewing similar content online, retargeting ensures that they see your ad when they appear to be making a purchasing decision.

How Retargeting Ads Work

How Retargeting Ads Work

Managed Retargeting takes trust

Remarketing is a solution best managed by a trusted agency partner. When retargeting is managed poorly, it can send the wrong message to your website visitors and potential customers. Well-done remarketing keeps you in front of the 97% of visitors who don’t convert on the first visit – without them noticing you’re targeting them. This strategy can boost the ROI of your digital advertising by speaking directly to the people most likely to convert. If you’re interested in maximizing your ROI and gaining unbeatable audience insights, retargeting with enCOMPASS Agency will deliver.

Think your display ads could get better results? Call enCOMPASS Agency to add intelligent targeting and fraud neutralization to the mix.