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Coming Soon: IMI Dashboard's Display & Video Advertising Reports

Coming Soon: IMI Dashboard's Display & Video Advertising Reports

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

When we launched the all-new IMI Dashboard last year, we took your search engine marketing (SEM) campaign data and elevated it to a whole new level! Soon, we'll be launching the next phase of our dashboard, where we'll be taking a similar approach to your display and video advertising data.

In this new display and video reports, you'll find all of the data you'd expect — impressions, activities, etc. — plus a whole slew of new features, including:

  • More easily accessible data
  • Robust charting of campaign results
  • Usability from all your devices
  • Advanced performance metrics for display: clicks, click-through rate (CTR), cost per activity (CPA), post-impressions, and post-clicks
  • Advanced performance metrics for video: completion rate, cost per completed view (CPCV), post-impressions, and post-clicks
  • Easy-to-read graphs
  • Placement breakdown
  • Activity trends
  • And more
All-New Display Advertising Report
Like with the SEM report, both the display advertising report and video advertising report will include usability from all your devices.

While this phase elevates your display data, future phases will also include campaign data for programmatic video, OTT, YouTube, and more!

The launch is just a few weeks away — get ready to check it out for yourself!

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