Mobile Advertising

Why Mobile?

Mobile is a space of explosive growth. If you’re still running a non-responsive website, you’re either feeling the pain or achieving less than your potential. In the past, marketers could count on visitors to complete purchases on a desktop computer. Today, our computers are in our pockets, our eyes glued to their screens, and more people than ever are ditching desktops and laptops in favor of constant access. Intelligent mobile advertising is your opportunity to leverage mobile media and reach your audience in more meaningful ways. It’s vital to a true omni-channel marketing strategy.

The enCOMPASS Approach to Mobile Advertising

At enCOMPASS Advertising Agency, we get excited about constantly learning, testing, measuring, and refining our methods. No medium challenges us to keep up with rapid evolution quite like mobile advertising. Far beyond choosing between a responsive website and a mobile app, we scour the entire mobile ecosystem for opportunities to advance your business goals. This includes in-banner and in-app display ads, in-app video, couponing, paid search, geo-conquesting, and dozens of other tactics. As far as we’re concerned, the scope of your mobile marketing opportunity is expanding at a faster rate than your go-to app store.

Geo-Conquesting: The Maturation of Mobile

Digital media changes and becomes more intelligent every day, and the impact of mobile goes far beyond giving us new media for ad placement. Mobile conquesting is one of the most exhilarating opportunities that technology has created for advertisers. Using geolocation data from mobile phones, you now have the ability to send a targeted ad to an individual based on where he or she is standing. It’s a brand-new way to make highly engaging real-time connections with consumers while they’re making purchasing decisions.

How Can Geo-Conquesting Help Me?

Unlike top-of-the-funnel strategies for building awareness, geo-conquesting can influence buyer behavior near the critical bottom of the funnel. Even those who don’t buy become more aware of your company and how it relates to their needs. Imagine the competitive advantage of entering the geo-conquesting space ahead of your fiercest rivals. Geo-conquesting is relatively new and misunderstood, and that makes it an incredibly powerful opportunity for your business. If you’ve been waiting for the newest trend so you could beat your competitors to the punch, your moment has arrived.

Mobile Tracking & Conversion Reporting

At enCOMPASS Agency, everything we do is powered by Interactive Marketing Intelligence. Each digital touch-point generates additional insights that can improve overall marketing strategy. Mobile Ads give us access to user information that’s not available on other platforms. We monitor external data to make strategic tweaks to your mobile advertising campaigns, and we’re constantly adjusting to mobile-ad feedback to prevent waste and get you progressively better results.

Trust your comprehensive marketing to the agency that’s considering every angle. Give us a call when you’re ready to get more from mobile.