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enCOMPASS Agency Wins Six W3 Awards

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a difficult and disorienting year, with all of our lives disrupted by the pandemic and its ensuing economic uncertainty. One of the things we’re proudest of here at enCOMPASS Agency is that, despite the extraordinary challenges, our team continues to do amazing work each and every day.

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Can You Improve Your Google Quality Score?

One of the most crucial aspects of your Google Ads campaign is understanding the Google Quality Score. Unfortunately, many advertisers don’t fully understand what the Quality Score entails, nor the step they may take to improve it.

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How to Fix Your Google My Business Account

Does your company have its own Google My Business account? If not, we’d highly recommend you create one sooner rather than later. Not only do GMB accounts allow you to convey vital information to search engine users, but they’re also important local ranking factors in the Google search algorithms.

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Meet the Team: Jerry Schroeder, President/CEO

You don't want to miss this one! In this "Meet the Team" interview, our President & CEO, Jerry Schroeder, answers a set of questions created just for him. Find out how his passion for digital marketing began and what motivated him to start enCOMPASS Advertising Agency.

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Google Ads Set to Limit Search Term Reporting

Advertisers thrive on access to clear, actionable data. For example, Google provides advertisers with a treasure trove of metrics and analytics that allow them to determine who’s seeing their ads and why; this information, in turn, can lead to more informed budgeting, targeting, messaging, and beyond.

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Are You Ready to Say Goodbye to Third Party Cookies?

Advertisers have long depended on third-party cookies to guide their efforts in digital ad buying and targeting. Recently, however, Google announced that it would be phasing out third-party cookies sometime in 2022. What once seemed like a distant deadline now looms closer by the day, and it’s important for advertisers to start thinking seriously about how they will respond to this significant change.

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The Advantages of Review Generation

Among its many benefits, the Internet has made it incredibly easy and convenient for consumers to conduct research. Before parting with their hard-earned money, shoppers can spend a few minutes on Google or any number of other sites, ensuring the product, service, or brand in question enjoys a prestigious reputation. In particular, consumers can seek out social proof: Testimonials, recommendations, and reviews from other consumers, verifying that the purchase they’re considering is a sound one.

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Build an Email List That Really Works

Email marketing may not be new and it may not seem flashy, but the fact is that it remains a powerful tool for reaching customers… especially customers who you may not be reaching through social media or through traditional advertising.

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The Benefits of YouTube Advertising

There’s a very simple case to be made for why businesses and brands should have a presence on YouTube. That argument is reach. With more than two billion users logging in every single month, YouTube is the second most popular website in existence.

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How Can Small Businesses Increase Video Content?

By now, the effectiveness of online video content is indisputable. Studies have confirmed again and again that video gets more engagement, and more shares, than any other type of online content. The issue that many small business owners face isn’t that they don’t value video, but rather that they’re simply unsure of how to produce it.