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The Benefits of Digital Audio Advertising

So long as you have a mobile device, you’re never at a loss for high-quality audio content. From podcasts to audiobooks to streaming music, digital audio has effectively quashed terrestrial radio, providing countless options for personalized entertainment.

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Email Marketing: Essential Trends for 2024

Since the dawn of the Internet, email has been one of the most proven and effective ways for businesses to reach their consumer base. Email marketing remains one of the true warhorses of the digital realm, providing tried-and-true capabilities for outreach and growth.

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Choosing an SEO Partner: Avoid These Red Flags

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential investment, allowing your business to enhance its visibility among local consumers. While there are plenty of SEO strategies you can implement internally, sooner or later you might decide to hire an agency to help. That might mean a stand-alone SEO team, or a marketing agency that offers a more comprehensive range of services.

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Why Enlist a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Every business needs to invest in marketing its products or services, reaching out to target customers in the hopes of earning trust and generating conversions. While there are a number of marketing activities that can be handled in-house, sooner or later your business will need to call in the pros. A digital marketing consultant can provide a wealth of expertise, along with an extensive portfolio of tools, to help you spend your marketing budget effectively and efficiently.

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Getting Started With YouTube Ads

YouTube isn’t merely a popular destination for entertainment. It’s also a significant driver of ad revenue. According to the most recent data, YouTube has about 2.1 billion users across the world, generating more than $29 billion in ad revenue every single year.

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Meet the Team: Oren Wilkes, Digital Media Team

Welcome to our latest "Meet the Team" interview, featuring the newest member of our enCOMPASS Agency team. Learn why Oren loves working at enCOMPASS and what he considers to be a perfect weekend day.

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Where is Social Media Headed in 2024?

In 2024, it’s impossible to talk about digital marketing strategy without discussing social media. Increasingly, social media is a dominant force in predicting and influencing consumer behavior, and in both disseminating and mediating information about businesses and brands. And because social media is ever-shifting, marketers must be adaptive and vigilant.

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7 Content Marketing Trends for 2024

Since the early days of digital marketing, we’ve been hearing the mantra “content is king.” In many ways that statement is as true today as it was 15 years ago. Relevant, authoritative, original content remains an essential ingredient for user engagement and search engine success.

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Time to Tune-up Your Website?

The new year provides an outstanding opportunity to review your marketing goals, reflect on the process you’ve made over the past year, and revise your strategy as needed.

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Top SEO Trends for 2024

Search engine optimization (SEO) is nothing new. Businesses have been vying for visibility practically since the Internet began. Yet, the quest for higher rankings has hardly remained static. On the contrary, the SEO landscape changes all the time, driven by variables such as changing consumer preferences, evolutions in technology, and modifications to the search algorithms themselves.