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Brand Consistency: Why It’s Important & How to Apply It

What is it that makes brands so memorable? What makes them successful? And what can a small business do to set themselves up for success? To answer all these questions, we first have to review what branding entails and what it means to your business.

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How to Write Service Pages That Get Results

Every business needs compelling written content on their website—and the ultimate purpose of that content is always to facilitate conversions. Simply put, you want the people who are reading your website to buy whatever it is you’re selling—and your written copy can help seal the deal.

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Digital TV and the Future of Media Buying

When it comes to marketing, the temptation is often to spend more money; a greater ad spend will yield more desirable results, or so the thinking goes. This isn’t always the case, however, and a more prudent goal for marketers is to spend the least amount of money possible while still getting great results—in a word, improving marketing ROI.

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How Google My Business Helps You Increase Sales

Google dominates the consumer search experience. That’s hardly new information, of course, yet it’s an important scene-setter for this discussion of Google My Business. When seeking information about a particular product, service, brand, or local company, the average person is going to use Google as their primary tool for data collection. It’s obviously important that your local business have a strong presence.

That requires you to have more than just a good, optimized website. It also means having a Google My Business listing.

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Google+ is Officially Being Retired—But Why?

When Google first announced its entry into the social media space, it seemed like a sure thing. There was even speculation that their social platform would give Facebook a run for its money. After all, the social space was a bit less crowded at the time, and Google is one of the most successful companies in the entire world. What could possibly go wrong?

Fast forward a few years and you probably already know how the story ends: Google+ never quite caught on with the general public, and now Google has announced that the platform will officially be retired.

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enCOMPASS Agency Wins Eight 2018 Davey Awards

We say this often, but it bears repeating: Our mantra here at enCOMPASS Agency is great work that makes a difference; we take pride in what we do, and pleasure in seeing how it helps our clients. We’re not in this business for recognition or awards, yet we are always encouraged when our good work is recognized by our peers.

To that end, we are humbled and thrilled to announce that enCOMPASS brought home eight Davey Awards! The Daveys are specifically aimed at celebrating the excellent marketing, design, and brand-building work being done by small agencies and firms. It’s a prestigious set of honors, and we are deeply grateful for inclusion.

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Where is Email Marketing Headed?

Email remains the tried and true method in every marketer’s toolbox. Even more than social media, email provides an effective way for brands to directly connect with their audience. But just because it’s a proven strategy, that doesn’t mean email marketing is impervious to change. Like anything else in our digital world, email marketing (and, in particular, marketing automation emails) is ever in flux. Smart marketers are always looking ahead to the next big trends—and in this post, we want to highlight a few things you can expect to see in email marketing over the next year or two.

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6 Ways to Improve Your Holiday Season Marketing Strategy

The holiday shopping season is always a busy time for consumers—and for brands. The companies that capitalize on this season of busyness can reap big dividends, but doing so requires a disciplined marketing strategy. It also requires planning ahead: Even though we’re not yet to Halloween, the time to start laying the foundation for seasonal success is now.

What plans can you be making even now to ensure success come November and December? Here are just a few considerations we’d offer.

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Ecommerce Marketing for the Holiday Season

For online retailers, the holiday shopping season can be make-or-break. Many stores depend on Christmas gift-giving to pad their annual sales, which means it’s important to go all-out in terms of marketing. Remember, you may have the best products, the best deals, and the best customer service—but none of that helps if consumers don’t know you exist.

And the time to get started marketing your online store is now. Here are a few guidelines we’d recommend for seasonal ecommerce marketing.

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enCOMPASS Agency Wins 14 W3 Awards

At enCOMPASS Agency, our mission statement is “Great Work That Makes a Difference.” What that means to us is that we come into the office every day and invest in high-quality work that we can really be proud of; and, we ensure that the work we do makes an impact for our clients, helping them grow their businesses and reach new audiences.

In other words, we’re not in this industry for accolades and awards—but we’d be lying if we said it didn’t feel good to receive recognition from our peers.