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How PPC Changed in 2016

No integrated digital marketing strategy is complete without a provision for paid search; indeed, paid search is increasingly vital for gaining visibility on the search engine results page (SERP), and works best when it’s combined with the organic SEO approach.

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Where is Social Media Headed?

Though it’s hard to remember it now, it really wasn’t that long ago that we were all living in a pre-Snapchat world. Even popular social platforms like Pinterest have come into their own over the past few years, while the social media cycle has also brought us the rise and fall of Vine and, to a lesser extent, Google+. The point is that the social media landscape is anything but static. Even within established venues like Facebook, there are big trends and shifts happening all the time, such as the recent advent of Facebook Live streaming.

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enCOMPASS Agency Takes Home Two Davey Awards

Great work that makes a difference. That’s what we strive for here at enCOMPASS; in fact, that’s our mission statement. What we seek in every project is to create something truly excellent, and to deploy it in a way that empowers our clients.

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enCOMPASS Agency Wins 6 W3 Awards for Design Excellence

At enCOMPASS, our motivation is pretty straightforward: We do great work that makes a difference for our clients. If our clients are happy, then we’re happy too. Awards and accolades are just icing on the cake. With that said, we’re always honored when our work is cited for its excellence, and are proud to announce the recipient of six W3 Awards here at the end of 2016.

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What You Need to Know About PPC

Pay per click advertising (PPC) can be effective, but it’s also ruthless. Literally every click counts, and anything you do that is wasteful or misguided is ultimately going to cost you. It’s important to be meticulous in your approach, and that means understanding PPC’s ins and outs—how to do it well, and how to avoid going off the rails.

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3 Ways to Boost Local Online Visibility

If you’re like most search engine users, you conduct a lot of search queries that include the phrase “near me.” Seeking out close-by businesses is one of the most common uses of online search, so it goes without saying that local businesses need to optimize for these queries. The troubling reality is that many businesses don’t optimize for local search queries, however, which means they forfeit opportunities to be discovered by local consumers.

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What Happens When Your Emails Get Blacklisted?

Email is a critical platform for marketing and outreach, something that most business owners are well aware of. You put attention and care into the marketing emails you send, and hope that each message is actually read. Of course, it doesn’t always happen that way. In fact, some emails never make it to customer inboxes at all—not because of a technical mishap, but because the sender has been blacklisted.

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What Should You Be Asking Your New Website Designer?

Having your company website redesigned can be exciting, but also a bit nerve-wracking. While the thought of a sleek new presentation is certainly appealing, there is also the possibility for miscommunication and frustration. This can be mitigated and even avoided, of course, by simply ensuring clarity in expectations. To do this, you’ll need to be willing to ask specific and pointed questions of your Web designer—but what kinds of questions should you be asking, exactly?

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How to Improve Your Brand's Facebook Reach

Facebook is all about connecting—connecting individuals to their friends and family members, but also connecting brands to their consumer base. Actually, using Facebook to facilitate meaningful brand interactions has become increasingly difficult for small business owners because Facebook has made a number of changes that put small companies at a disadvantage. For one thing, recent algorithmic shifts favor personal Facebook pages over business accounts—meaning the posts from a small business page are less visible than they used to be. In addition, Facebook continues to emphasize the need for paid ads in addition to winsome content, which means that small companies looking to expand their reach often feel as though they must up their budget to do so.

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Getting Started with AMP

If you pay any attention at all to what’s going on in the world of SEO, you’re probably familiar with accelerated mobile pages—or, as they are more commonly known, AMP. For the uninitiated, here’s a speedy synopsis: AMP is effectively a coding language that allows for websites to be designed with speed in mind, ensuring that, when the site is opened on a mobile device, it loads quickly. AMP matters because more and more search engine queries are happening on mobile devices, and users don’t want to wait for their content to load; Google, meanwhile, takes loading times into consideration when determining rankings, and AMP content is now being indexed by Google’s algorithms—meaning it’s a good way to enhance your website’s mobile SEO.