Interactive Marketing

interactive marketing intelligence™

Having a great website is just the beginning.

At enCOMPASS Agency we specialize in interactive marketing plans that are unique for each client. We draw from a vast array of research and unparalleled experience to generate unmatched results.

We’ve trademarked the term Interactive Marketing Intelligence™ (IMI) because it’s what we do, and what we do best! IMI is part of enCOMPASS Advertising Agency which allows us to take your online marketing to the next level of strategic planning, marketing, and results-driven advertising. We’ve mastered the art of achieving a cohesive, synergistic approach to your traditional advertising and your digital advertising to generate brand recognition, growth and return on investment.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing, a.k.a. Pay-Per-Click (PPC), displays your ad to consumers who are actively looking for your products and services online. Search engines are the number one way people find businesses in their area, and it is the most effective and efficient form of advertising available today if done right. Our Interactive Marketing Intelligence Search Platform brings you more customers and tracks your ROI like you’ve never seen before!


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website is your connection to the online world and without proper Search Engine Optimization you may be left feeling invisible. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking for that extra boost in traffic, enCOMPASS Agency understands the importance of SEO and the factors that go into boosting your online visibility.


Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to deliver the second highest Return On Investment of all digital marketing solutions. Creating a turn-key, strategic email marketing program for your business is one of our specialties.


Display Advertising

enCOMPASS Agency’s Interactive Marketing Intelligence™ uses a best-of-breed approach incorporating all the best display platforms and networks to determine the perfect display advertising solution for your business. Our ads hit your targeted audiences with incredible site selection and timing.


Video Advertising

Use your video advertising to reach a broader and more targeted audience. Videos are shared more than any other digital media format, with double the message recall of traditional TV and cable. We put your content in front of highly qualified targets.

Digital Audio Advertising

Digital Audio Advertising allows you a platform to reach a more targeted and engaged audience than traditional radio advertising and is served everywhere your customers are consuming media, including their mobile devices.


Social Media Marketing

Social networks continue to emerge and grow. Social media marketing for your business is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity to have a strong online brand presence and an online connection with your consumers and clients.


Mobile Advertising

Mobile marketing is becoming more and more crucial when it comes to staying relevant to your audience. Whether it's in-banner or in-app display ads, in-app video, couponing, paid search, geo-conquesting, or a mobile-ready website, enCOMPASS puts in the work to help you navigate the ever-changing mobile marketplace.


Local Citations

Not showing up in your local search rankings? Keeping your citations consistent and accurate proves your business is legitimate, active, and stable to search engines and the people using them. We can make it so you're never worrying about conflicting information ever again.

Review Services

93% of consumers read reviews before buying a product or service. Generating online reviews for your business can promote consumer confidence and prove your business is credible and trustworthy. We can help you enhance your brand’s reputation and develop a powerful presence on the internet with the right review generation strategy. It’s time to turn customer reviews into your competitive advantage.


Digital Media Consulting

Have a great website and need to know how to get more traffic and conversions? Already invested in some solid online marketing and want to know how to take it to the next level? Maybe you're just trying to figure out which of all of the "latest and greatest" online opportunities are right for you. Let us help. We’re super good at this stuff.