Digital Audio Advertising

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Your Ads in the Ears of Targeted Listeners

Digital audio is an umbrella term that includes all audio that is consumed digitally. As technology advances, users are shifting away from terrestrial radio and consuming their audio digitally on an on-demand basis. Current studies show that more than 1 in 2 Americans stream audio digitally on a weekly basis. Digital audio can include streaming music, like Pandora or Spotify, as well as podcasts. Traditional AM/FM stations even offer streaming services via various apps.

Growth of Digital Radio

The digital forms of terrestrial radio are increasing in popularity as vehicles have better technology to accommodate them and users prefer to choose what they listen to and when they listen to it, versus the traditional broadcast radio format. These formats have an online presence 24/7 since they can be consumed via smartphones, tablets, smart speakers and more. Data shows that over 79% of users 18-49 are listening to digital audio and over 44% of consumers listen to digital radio in their vehicle.

Digital Audio vs Traditional Radio

Digital Audio differs from traditional radio in many ways. Rather than purchasing ads on a station based on the demographics of the audience, digital audio allows advertisers to target users no matter what they are listening to. Demographics like age and gender, geography, in-market audience segments and household income are just some of the ways you can target your ads with digital radio. You no longer need to purchase a specific channel and hope your audience is listening. With digital audio, every impression is reaching your target audience.

Like all our digital marketing solutions, Digital Audio at enCOMPASS Agency is driven by Interactive Marketing Intelligence™. By using a programmatic approach, we eliminate wasted resources and magnify your message to the most desirable listeners. We customize every campaign to fit the needs and goals of each client.

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Benefits of Digital Audio Advertising with enCOMPASS Agency:

Custom Audiences

Reach users who are more likely to be interested in your products or services based on highly targeted audience segments. We can target users based on gender, age, geo location, purchase history, interests and more.

Advanced Geo-Targeting

Rather than targeting an entire DMA, digital audio allows you to focus on the areas most important to your business. We are able to serve ads based on Country, State, DMA, County or even specific zip codes.

Amplify Reach

As users shift away from traditional radio, you can ensure that you are still reaching your audience by serving them ads digitally, wherever they are listening. Combining traditional radio with digital radio can fill the gap and amplify your overall reach.

Engaged Users

Studies show that users are more engaged with ads when running on digital audio. Digital audio ads are typically less cluttered than traditional radio, with only a few ads per hour. The ads are also more personalized and therefore can keep users more engaged.

Programmatic Approach

Digital audio ads can be run using a programmatic approach. This means that rather than buying a certain channel or station, we are buying ads based on the users that we want to target. Additionally, we can easily shift budget around from platform to platform the ensure that we are reaching the most engaged audience no matter where they are listening.

Detailed Reporting

Unlike traditional radio, digital audio allows you to measure who heard your ad and what happened when it played. Metrics that we can track include click through rate, overall unique reach, average frequency and more!