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Can Email Marketing Improve Your SEO?

At enCOMPASS Agency, we’re proponents of integrative digital marketing. What that means, in a nutshell, is that there are many channels for effectively marketing your company, ranging from SEO and PPC to social media and video. These channels work best when they work together in tandem; indeed, the most efficient way to market your company is to combine different digital channels, aligned to a common goal and a comprehensive strategy.

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How Can You Improve Your Website’s User Experience?

Your website can serve many functions, but its most important role is 24/7 sales rep. Simply put, your website should be available around the clock to educate and inform your customers, and to lead them toward conversion.

Does your company website offer a strong user experience? Are there ways it could be improved? Here are a few practical steps you can take to make your website more customer-friendly than ever.

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How to Write Strong PPC Ads

While there are many key components to an effective PPC campaign—from budgeting to targeting to bidding—the actual ads themselves are fundamental. After all, your PPC ads may provide the first impressions that many consumers have of your brand. And when ads aren’t written well, they can sink your entire PPC campaign.

Being able to write strong PPC ad copy is an invaluable skill—and it takes some time to develop that skill. With that said, here are some guidelines you can follow to strengthen your ads today.

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Changes are Coming to the Facebook Newsfeed. What Does That Mean for Advertisers?

Facebook has long been a ubiquitous part of our everyday lives—but over the last few months, the powerful social network has faced a new level of public scrutiny. Following a volley of criticisms about its role in the 2016 election cycle, including open questions about the spread of so-called “fake news,” Facebook has announced some changes to its quality control mechanisms, including some changes that could have a major impact on your newsfeed.

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Understanding YouTube SEO

When marketers talk about search engine optimization (SEO), it’s often assumed that they have Google in mind. It’s true that Google is the world’s biggest search engine, but #2 on that list might surprise you. It’s YouTube—and as video content becomes increasingly popular, it’s never been more beneficial to master video SEO, ensuring your company’s videos are highly visible and easily discovered on the world’s second most important search engine.

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Crafting Content for Position Zero

Search engine optimization has always been doggedly focused on the first position of the search engine results page (SERP). Getting a listing to rank in this coveted position—the highest and therefore the most visible organic search listing—is the holy grail of any SEO campaign. In recent months, however, Google has flipped the script, offering marketers an even higher ranking to aspire to: position zero.

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Mastering Some Audience Targeting Basics

An effective marketing strategy always starts with the audience; you have to know who your audience is, understand their pain points, and be able to present your brand as a smart solution. As such, chasing a wide audience isn’t always recommended; in fact, it’s usually best to define your audience as specifically as possible.

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PPC Trends—A Year in Review

Per-per-click marketing is always evolving—sometimes in obvious and dramatic ways, sometimes in small and incremental ones. For the most part, 2017 fell into that second category. Though there’s not one, massive upheaval you can point to, there were plenty of little ways in which the PPC landscape shifted—and some of them may be things that you missed.

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4 SEO Concepts to Master for 2018

Google’s search algorithms are constantly evolving—yet the main function of the search algorithms remains the same. Google wants to provide its users with the best experience possible; it wants to facilitate the fast and easy retrieval of helpful and relevant information, period. All of its algorithmic updates are in service of this goal—and, for marketing professionals to ensure that their SEO efforts remain Google compliant, maintaining an ultimate focus on user experience is crucial.

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What is People-Based Marketing—And What Could It Mean for Your Brand?

Opportunities for people to engage with their favorite brands are virtually unlimited. You may search for a particular product from the Google search bar, “like” a brand on Facebook, sift through your inbox for the latest branded newsletter, consult sites like Yelp to hear another consumer’s opinion, and ultimately use your mobile device to make a purchase from an ecommerce store. All of these represent unique touch points, and chances for marketers to understand what consumers are ultimately looking for.