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Why Enlist a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Why Enlist a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

Every business needs to invest in marketing its products or services, reaching out to target customers in the hopes of earning trust and generating conversions. While there are a number of marketing activities that can be handled in-house, sooner or later your business will need to call in the pros. A digital marketing consultant can provide a wealth of expertise, along with an extensive portfolio of tools, to help you spend your marketing budget effectively and efficiently.

There are numerous benefits to bringing a digital marketing consultant on board. In this post, we’ll share just a few of them.

The Benefits of Hiring a Digital Marketing Consultant

1) A good consultant will help you make prudent decisions about cutting-edge technology.

New technologies like AI and machine learning tend to dominate the conversation, making every marketer feel like they need to rush to adopt these new toolsets.

The reality is a little more complex. AI can certainly prove advantageous to your marketing endeavors, but only when it’s leveraged strategically and used to automate, ideate, or enhance creativity.

A consultant can be invaluable for determining how best to incorporate these new technologies into your existing marketing framework.

2) Digital marketing consultants can guide your ad spend.

One of the most common objections to hiring a marketing consultant is that doing so can eat into an already-limited marketing budget.

Actually, the opposite is true. When you have a particular ad spend to work with, it’s vital to have some direction on where best to allocate it. A digital marketing consultant can help you ensure that each dollar yields a significant return, directing you to the most relevant platforms and the most effective bidding strategies.

The bottom line: Consultants can supercharge the value of each ad dollar that you spend, helping you to prevent waste.

3) Consultants can provide actionable data and reports.

When you embark on a marketing campaign, you naturally want it to generate results. Hopefully, you begin with some benchmarks in mind, whether that’s a specific goal for increased website traffic, heightened brand awareness, or enhanced conversion rates.

How will you know if your efforts are hitting their marks? In short, you need data and analytics to demonstrate your campaign’s progress. A good consultant will spend some time gaining insight into your objectives, help you set smart goals, and provide custom reports and dashboards to highlight their results. In short, a digital marketing consultant should continually prove their value to you.

4) Digital marketing consultants will ensure collaboration.

Marketing is a cross-disciplinary approach. It requires interaction and synchronization between web design, UX, PPC, SEO, video, social media, content marketing, and countless other avenues. If these different elements remain siloed, your marketing efforts are bound to be sluggish and wasteful.

A good digital marketing consultant will understand the importance of each role within your marketing team and work to bring all of them out of their siloes and into a shared, collaborative vision. Whether you’ve got an in-house marketing team or you’re coordinating multiple vendors, a consultant can be vital for keeping everyone on the same page.

5) Hiring a consultant helps you stay abreast of shifting trends.

The marketing landscape is changing all the time. Just think about some of the big trends we’ve seen over the past few years:

  • The advent of generative AI.
  • The implosion of Twitter.
  • The surge in popularity for short-form videos.

Dynamic elements embedded in marketing emails.

It’s hard for any business owner to keep tabs on all these seismic shifts, but a worthy consultant will be able to keep you informed and ensure your campaign is sufficiently nimble.

6) Consultants will provide you with honest assessments of your current standing.

We all start somewhere. That’s certainly true in marketing, where it takes time to develop a brand presence on the Web.

When you hire a marketing consultant, one of the first things they should do is provide an audit of your current assets, including your website, social media profile, SEO standings, and online review portfolio. This assessment can provide you with some direction about where to invest next, where your campaign is already strong, and where you have missed opportunities.

This information can be vital for shaping your strategy in the weeks and months to come, and you’ll only get it when you enlist an objective digital marketing professional.

Choose enCOMPASS for Your Digital Marketing Needs

As you consider your marketing plans for the rest of the year, consider bringing a digital marketing consultant into the conversation. We’d love to help. At enCOMPASS Agency, we love helping small businesses define and achieve their marketing objectives. Reach out to us whenever you’d like to talk more about hiring enCOMPASS Agency to serve in a digital marketing consultancy position.