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The Challenge:

enCOMPASS was approached by a performance engine and vehicle customization shop in the southeast United States specializing in the restoration of classic vehicles. Since 2005, they have been helping customers both locally and across the nation customize, restore, and build their dream vehicles. It was time to take their business to the next level and take advantage of this growing industry – which is where we came in.

Starting Our Engines

The first step in helping this client reach their goals was creating a website that told their story and represented their brand, showcasing the vast skills and capabilities of their shop. Rather than a website that appeared to be an afterthought to their work, they needed something that matched their passion for performance and innovation.

Our next step was utilizing a strong digital presence to grow their business both organically and through advertising. Our goal was to grow awareness for their brand in the industry by increasing their website traffic and increasing leads, saving them time, and allowing them to focus on the work they do in the shop.

Taking the Lead

Our team worked closely with the client to learn the ins and outs of their business and the industry as a whole. The design and development team at enCOMPASS presented a website that was more than a billboard – this was a behind-the-scenes shop tour, visually showcasing their process, expertise, and impressive restoration projects. The website was exciting, responsive, and fast – just like the engines they build.

The enCOMPASS media team went right to work in creating a marketing plan to bring in new leads through this innovative website. Working closely with the client, we determined the specific services that would generate the highest ROI and launched an SEM campaign in April 2019. Over the first few months, our team fine-tuned the campaign by paying close attention to each phone call and form submission and ensuring we were getting in front of the perfect customer to avoid any wasted ad spend.

Once we got things rolling with the SEM campaign, it was time to raise awareness and create brand recognition among classic car and muscle car restoration enthusiasts. After exploring multiple options, our team decided to implement a YouTube advertising campaign. This platform was the perfect environment for the brand to sit side by side with related content like how-to videos, custom restoration projects, and performance automotive channels.

Crossing the Finish Line

During the last 3 years, we have seen great success with all aspects of our marketing strategy for this client. The results we have seen from our efforts have surpassed our goals and their business has been thriving!

Total website traffic increased 98% in the first year after launching the new website, which included a 40% increase in organic traffic. Looking at a 3-year period, traffic increased by 291% since enCOMPASS launched their new website. While paid marketing efforts contributed to a portion of this, Organic traffic made up a large part of this increase and saw a 234% increase over a 3-year period.

Dramatic Website Traffic Increase

Another great success story is the conversions the website has been able to generate for the business. The first year after our launch generated 2,021 Goal Completions (phone calls and form submissions). By the third year, this grew 98% to 3,953.

Goals and Conversion Rate Increases

The SEM campaign that enCOMPASS implemented has also seen great success. Our enhanced tracking and call analysis allowed us to narrow down our keyword list as we learned which types of searches were valuable to their business. In year one, our cost per confirmed lead was reduced from $727 down to an average of $170! During this period, the client has increased their closing rate from 15% to 18% on SEM traffic and the average value of each sale has increased more than 100%. The most recent month generated an ROI of over 1,000%!

The YouTube campaigns running for this client have complemented our strategy very well. These video ads consistently deliver an average completion rate of 45%, which is well above the industry average of 34%. This comes from both great creative from the client as well as our team’s strategy to reach their ideal audience. This has also helped them grow their subscriber base on YouTube, which has increased from 3,790 to nearly 12,000 over a 3-year period. This growth continues to establish them as an expert in their industry.

Victory Lap

After 3 years, both the client and enCOMPASS view the work we have done together as a huge success. Their business is thriving, and we continue to work closely on expanding their marketing efforts to grow the business. They trust us as experts in our field and the results show that our focus on great work really does make a difference.

“We have been using enCOMPASS for several years for website, SEM, and YouTube advertising. Always great results and great people to work with.”
- Eric LaBore, Prestige Motorsports