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Why Does Google Update Your Business Profile?

If your business qualifies for a Google Business Profile, we recommend claiming it as soon as you can. Doing so is one of the simplest yet most potent ways to help your business climb the Google Search rankings. And of course, once your Google Business Profile has been claimed, you’ll want to keep it up-to-date with any information about your hours of operation, new products or services, and so on.

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The End of Expanded Text Ads Is Here

A few months ago, we informed our clients about a significant change to the Google Ads ecosystem, specifically the sunsetting of Expanded Text Ads (ETAs). Now, we can report that the official end of ETAs is at hand: In a recent update, Google disclosed that advertisers will no longer be able to create or edit ETAs as of June 30, 2022.

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enCOMPASS Agency Wins Big at 2022 Communicator Awards

Every year, the Communicator Awards honor “excellence in strategic, effective, and meaningful communication across digital, video, podcasts, marketing, mobile, print, and more.” As selected by a most illustrious judging body, including heavy hitters from throughout the marketing and media industries, these awards represent the acknowledgment of some of the biggest names in digital communication.

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Why Add Digital Audio to Your Media Mix?

Consumer habits are changing, and it’s important to make sure that your media mix is keeping pace. Case in point: As terrestrial radio fades from prominence, digital audio is becoming an increasingly prevalent part of everyday life. This is an important trend for advertisers to capitalize on, augmenting their current ad spend with placement on podcasts, streaming music, and digital radio services.

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What is Contextual Targeting?

Over the past couple of years, Google has announced some big changes to the way it approaches consumer privacy. Well-intentioned though these changes might be, they have caused no small amount of anxiety among digital advertisers, who lament the decline of third-party cookies and other useful targeting features. (We would argue that these changes are ultimately bad for the end user, as well, potentially leading to a less-personalized online experience.)

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iOS Marketing and Attribution

The launch of iOS 14 has proven to be a watershed event in the world of digital marketing. From the initial announcement through the release of iOS 14.5 in April 2021, this iteration of Apple’s operating system has played a pivotal role in shaping user privacy considerations. As a result, it has forced marketing professionals to work overtime, reevaluating their own approach to user privacy and to digital advertising in general.

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Meet the Team: Miranda Howe, Design & Development Team

Welcome to a new installment of our "Meet the Team" series! Hear from a member of our Design & Development Team as she describes why she loves digital marketing and why you should, too!

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Will AI Generated Content Help or Hurt My SEO?

These days, it seems like artificial intelligence (AI) can do just about anything. For example, did you know that AI can automatically generate content for your website, blog, or social media platforms? At first blush, this might seem like a huge win for overworked marketing departments, or for small businesses that don’t have their own in-house content development teams.

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Why Hire a Digital Media Consultant?

Every business can benefit from an improved online presence, and from a strategic approach to targeted customer outreach. This much may seem obvious, yet actually achieving these goals is considerably more complicated. Successful digital marketing requires a synthesis of different methods, platforms, and technologies, all bound by consistent messaging and backed by efficient budgeting.

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Getting Ready for Google Topics

Over the past couple of years, one of the biggest stories to rock the digital advertising industry has been Google’s announcement that they will soon do away with third-party cookies. Given how much advertisers have leaned on cookies in the past, this news has naturally resulted in some scrambling.