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Which Social Platforms Do Your Customers Use?

One of the biggest misconceptions about social media marketing is that your brand has to be everywhere, present on every possible social channel. For most brands, even attempting this sort of ubiquity would be impossible; it’s a lot of work to maintain a regular posting schedule on even one social platform, let alone several! In most cases, it’s also a waste of money: The better approach is to be judicious, spending your social time and dollars on the sites where you know your customers to be.

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Mobile Coupons in the Digital Age: Insights and Strategies

It may seem as though paper coupons have been around forever. That’s not exactly true, but they’ve certainly been part of the retail experience for several generations, going back at least as far as the late 1880s. But while coupons remain prized by many consumers, the form these coupons take is changing. In fact, new research reveals that mobile coupons are about to overtake their paper counterparts in terms of overall popularity.

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What Does Google Say About Local SEO?

Much ink is spilled on the topic of search engine optimization—but at the end of the day, there’s one perspective that matters the most. Of course, that perspective is Google’s.

To that end, Google has reported that roughly two thirds of smartphone users are likely to purchase from companies that take the time to localize their online presence—that is, tailoring their online information to the end user’s geographic location.

To put it differently, consumers are using Google to locate businesses near them—and the companies that accommodate are the ones who will win those consumer dollars. How, though, can your business ensure a properly optimized, properly localized presence?

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How Credible is Your Website?

Business relationships are always founded on trust. Simply put, customers won’t buy your product or sign up for your service if they think you’re disreputable, or if they question whether or not you can hold up your end of the bargain. Because of this, one of the primary functions of marketing is establishing that trust—proving to customers that your business is credible.

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Using Instagram’s New Video Channel for Your Business

There was a time when TV advertising represented the best, most efficient way to get your advertising message out into the world—but that’s not necessarily the case anymore. Over the past decade or so, TV viewership has slowly declined, while daily Internet use—including consumption of streaming content—has risen. Many advertisers are aware of this, and have begun redistributing their ad dollars accordingly.

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Earning High-Quality Links for Your Website

Backlinks have always been an important SEO ranking factor. In fact, Google expressly names them among the top three most significant assets for search engine prominence. Yet as SEO has progressed, so have link-building practices: It’s as crucial as ever for your website to have high-quality backlinks pointing back to it, but there are right ways and wrong ways to pursue those links.

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Your Website Speed Matters—Now More Than Ever

Every business owner wants their company website to be fast-loading. The reasons for this are many. At the most basic level, it’s just good customer service. If a potential customer is requesting information about your business, you want to provide them with it as quickly as possible, without making them wait and grow frustrated.

But there’s another reason why website speed is so important—and that’s Google. Google, too, is in the customer service business. It wants to provide its customers (search engine users) with the best product possible (good, high-quality search results)—and one of the ways it does that is to prioritize sites that load quickly, on all browsers and across all device types.

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12 Steps to a Better Social Media Presence

Simply being active on social media is not the same thing as having a thriving social presence. That’s something you only achieve through strategy. In this post, we’ll lay out 12 steps for turning your social media activity into something that’s truly value-adding and brand-enhancing.


Behind the Scenes: A Video Shoot for Carolina Custom

A few weeks ago, the enCOMPASS team began an adventure – we hopped into some revved-up rides, headed out to the country, and prepped the scene for a video shoot. The mission was relatively simple: Get some seriously amazing footage of some seriously amazing custom vehicles. But do things ever go exactly as planned?

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6 Ways to Improve Your PPC ROI

What if you run the numbers on your PPC campaign and your ROI isn’t nearly as high as you’d like it to be? What steps can you take to actually improve your PPC ROI? In this post, we’ll summarize a few effective strategies.