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Flash Creative Is Changing, Make Sure You Are Ready!

Beginning on September 1, 2015, Flash ads in the Google Chrome browser will no longer have automatic animation and will become click-to-play. In order for an ad to continue with the automatic animation, it must be built in HTML5. Moving forward all browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer etc.) are expected to follow suit and move away from automatic animation on all ads.

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enCOMPASS Agency DOUBLES Previous Award Count

Local Advertising Agency wins 17 international Communicator Awards in 2015

Charlotte, NC: enCOMPASS Advertising Agency is excited to announce that it has received three Gold and 14 Silver honors for website design in the 2015 Communicator Awards. This international competition sponsored by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts celebrates impactful marketing work by recognizing big ideas that genuinely move people. From 2012 to 2014, enCOMPASS garnered 16 honors, for a total of 33 Communicator Awards to date.

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Google Analytics Fake Referral Links, Part 1

Launched in 2005, Google Analytics (GA) remains the go to website analytics program for many companies. GA provides a wealth of information, from the total number of visitors to your website, to what website page causes the most people to leave your website.

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Top of Google Guys, Part 2

As search engine marketing becomes more important for businesses, we continue to see an increase in Google scammers.

We call these scammers the Top of Google Guys. They use several methods to scam unsuspecting businesses, and we discussed several of those methods in our original blog post on the issue.

If you work with these scammers, you will get ripped off.

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You’ve probably heard the term ‘Native Advertising’ over the last few weeks or months but what exactly is it? Does this scene sounds familiar?

You’re clicking your way through the many compelling articles on HuffingtonPost as we so often do, when you come across something that looks like this…

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Why Your PPC Ads Do Not Show Up When You Search For Them

You’ve committed to digital marketing for your business. You’ve built a great website with lead forms and calls to action. You’ve also invested time and money into pay-per-click ads, and you want to check the performance of those ads.

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So a “Top of Google Guy” Made You a Promise? Be Wary!

Have you ever had a conversation with an SEO or SEM specialist who claimed that he could guarantee your website a prominent organic ranking atop the Google search results page? Have you ever met with a marketing whiz who claimed proof of the great results and search engine dominance he might offer you?

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The Most Overlooked Website Marketing Strategies

Over the years, we have talked to hundreds of people in charge of brand marketing and digital outreach, and they frequently come to us with one basic request: Can you take a look at our website and tell us what you think?