Online Video

Online Audience Engagement

Online video has come of age, and its potential for your business can’t be overstated.

It’s never been easier to entertain, intrigue, and engage your ideal connections. At enCOMPASS Agency, we can help you make the most of your existing video or plan and execute new productions. The greatest value we bring is in positioning your videos so they get maximum exposure and engagement to the right audience. Over time we monitor the impact of your online video to help you achieve cumulative results.

High Impact Media

Online video is shared more than any other digital content format, with twice the message recall of traditional TV and cable. The key to unlocking all that potential lies in producing great content and carefully targeting your audience. Our approach delivers your digital video in relevant context to catch your viewers in precisely the right mindset. We use the latest in intelligent targeting across multiple tactics including YouTube, Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, Advanced TV and more, so you know that your target actually interacts with your ad. With enCOMPASS you get hyper-efficient, exceedingly engaging content that achieves measurable results. Thanks to our Interactive Marketing Intelligence™, we’re able to target and track viewer engagement like no other digital ad agency can.

One Advertising Agency to Manage all your Media

It's time to diversify your media buys with online video. enCOMPASS Agency can deliver spot TRPs efficiently alongside TV/Cable with all of the conversion benefits of online tracking. In addition to placing your video content in front of highly qualified targets, we’ll also put your existing TV ads to work to reach a broader audience.

Contact enCOMPASS Agency to streamline your video efforts in an intelligently executed online-video campaign.