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Why Your Video Advertising Strategy Matters More Than Ever

Why Your Video Advertising Strategy Matters More Than Ever

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

Many Americans are already gearing up for what’s sure to be an eventful 2020 election cycle… and that includes advertisers as well as key advertising platforms.

For example, recent headlines reveal that YouTube is already allowing political campaigns to reserve ad space for the months to come, particularly in key early voting and swing states. Starting on November 15, campaign strategists will have access to a brand-new ad-buying tool, enabling them to set aside ad inventory for 2020. (It’s also worth noting that Google, which owns YouTube, has already seen top political candidates spend close to $22 million on ad space.)

That top political campaigns are making such a big investment in video advertising, and that YouTube is bending over backwards to help them do so, only underscores how critically effective video advertising has become. And, it underscores the need to pursue video ads with a carefully calibrated strategy. Indeed, it’s reasonable for small and mid-sized businesses to wonder: If political campaigns are already reserving ad space for next year, what can we do to have a seat at the table and a real chance at winning audience eyeballs?

This question points to the need to work with a video advertising professional, someone who can direct your ad spend in a way that will be cost-effective, allowing your business to be competitive even in an increasingly crowded space. The enCOMPASS team is pleased to help our clients navigate the complexities of video advertising, and we invite you to take just a moment to learn more about our approach.

Video Advertising at enCOMPASS

It’s never been easier to produce and distribute video content that informs, entertains, and ultimately engages your target audience. If anything, today’s video advertisers may feel as though they have too many options, from videos they distribute on Facebook and Twitter to YouTube, pre-roll and post-roll ads as well as placements on streaming services like Hulu.

At enCOMPASS, our aim is to provide clients with the right strategy and execution at each step in the process. This includes:

  • Video production. We’re here to help our clients develop the creative capital they need to make a strong impression with viewers.
  • Ad buying and strategy. Where should you run your video ads? How much should you be spending for ad placements? How can you break through on increasingly competitive platforms? Our team can provide the direction you need in addressing each of these core questions.
  • Ad monitoring and tracking. It’s only reasonable to expect a clear indication of the ROI you get on each ad; our team will provide the data and reports to prove that your ads are generating real results.

Ultimately, we believe that the greatest value we can offer our clients is positioning videos for maximum exposure and engagement to the right audience. Indeed, the enCOMPASS approach delivers your video ads in just the correct context to catch viewers in the right frame of mind. We implement intelligent targeting across multiple tactics, including Social Media, YouTube, Pre-Roll, Mid-Roll, AdvancedTV (including OTT), and beyond, allowing us to continually recalibrate our strategy and ensure the ads are being presented to precisely the right people.

The Benefits of Working with Just One Agency

It’s also important for us to emphasize the advantages that come from having all your video advertising needs handled by a single agency. We’re here to do everything, and to consolidate a strategy that helps you make the most effective use of your marketing budget.

For example, the team at enCOMPASS Agency has the technology and the expertise to deliver spot TRPs right alongside TV/Cable, and combine that strategy with a comprehensive digital video strategy complete with all of the conversion benefits of online tracking. And just as we can position your video advertising content in front of the most qualified targets, we can also put your existing TV ads to work, allowing them to find an even broader audience.

Are You Using High-Impact Video Advertising?

Returning to the political news, it’s as clear as ever that video advertising matters; and, that having your videos seen by the right people requires careful strategy as well as sophisticated tracking technology.

In other words, there are plenty of challenges as well as opportunities—to promote your brand, boost conversions, and efficiently reach your target audience across a range of platforms. When done right, video can become a game-changer for your business, and a judicious investment of ad dollars.

The enCOMPASS team is here to help you navigate challenges, particularly the ones that will come via the competitive 2020 landscape. And, we’re here to assist as you fully exploit these opportunities, creating high-impact video ads that produce measurable results. We’d love to talk with you more about our services and our unique approach. Reach out to us any time you’d like to chat.