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Josh Wilkinson

Josh Wilkinson

enCOMPASS Agency has been a leader in automotive digital marketing for car dealers since 2006. Our success in auto is unprecedented and Lake Norman CDJR is an example of how to achieve continuously amazing results by working as true marketing partners for over a decade.

A great looking website doesn’t mean much if nobody sees it! After launching the AGNS website we worked closely with the client on their marketing strategy. Through a combination of tactics we have seen GREAT results over the last 3 years. 

All of our SEM campaigns include an industry exclusive Enhanced Call Tracking Platform. With our IMI Call Analysis we have analysts that listen to, categorize and comment on every phone call that is generated through the PPC campaign. This becomes a useful tool to determine which keywords are generating the most significant leads as well as gives us the opportunity to truly partner with our clients and help them develop their sales process. Our team of call analysts will also flag calls that may be a missed opportunity and give recommendations to improve close ratios based on what they hear in each call.

Each PPC campaign is monitored 24/7 by our proprietary software platform to ensure optimal campaign performance. Our PPC bidding platform drives the most qualified users to your website by making on-the-fly bid adjustments and displaying the most relevant ads for a given search query. Each campaign is also monitored on a daily basis by a human analyst to ensure that the campaign is running at optimal performance. Our campaign analysts are specialists in the field of paid search engine marketing and are always looking for ways to improve your campaign performance, and ultimately, to improve your bottom line.


IMI Dashboard

Our IMI Search Platform includes a client dashboard that you can view at any time during your campaign! This interactive campaign dashboard includes all relevant campaign data including overall campaign spend, daily performance metrics, click-thru rates, click-to-call rates, average page position, phone call analysis and much more. The IMI Dashboard allows our clients to log in at any time to see exactly how the campaign is performing and monitor the results. Each client is also provided with an IMI Dive Report at the end of each cycle, providing an in-depth look at campaign results and additional insights from our team of SEM experts.

Our proprietary IMI Search Platform allows us to run the most efficient Pay-Per-Click campaigns for any industry. Using the latest tracking technology we are able to monitor exactly what happens after a user clicks on your ad, and focus solely on keywords that lead to conversions, whether it be a phone call, an e-mail, or a form submission on your website. Intelligent tracking monitors ad performance not just at Google, but ALL paid search platforms, including Yahoo, Bing, CitySearch, and more, to ensure that your budget is being spent where it is most effective.

An accurate budget is vital to the success of any PPC advertising campaign. We are able to examine the volume of searches for your industry in a given market to determine the appropriate monthly budget for a successful campaign. Based on each client’s needs we will provide a 3-tier budget recommendation – Prominent, Competitive and Representative. A Prominent budget will reach approximately 90% of searches and have prominent ranking on the first page. A Competitive budget will reach 65% of searches and have a competitive ranking on the first page. A Representative budget can reach around 50% of searches and is recommended for those who have a strict budget without much competition.

Each client and campaign is unique. Our initial keyword research determines the most appropriate terms for your campaign focus, including all applicable variations of each keyword. Keywords are then matched to appropriate ad groups to ensure that users are being served the most relevant ads when searching, improving click-thru rate and Quality Score. Every keyword is monitored, and as the campaign progresses bids are raised on keywords that generate leads and conversions.


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  • The team at enCOMPASS Advertising have met our companies needs and contributed greatly to our growth and clarity of message. They are consistently great thought partners. Follow through and customer service are exceptional.

    James Blakey

  • did you know?

    A lot of our best work… is invisible.

    We use microdata on all of the sites we build to make sure important details like address and business hours are passed on to Google and other search engines, making it easier for your customers to find you both on and off the web.