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Developing a B2B Google Ads Campaign

Developing a B2B Google Ads Campaign

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

When consumers are sourcing information about different products and services, they typically conduct their research online. B2B customers are no exception. In fact, research shows a staggering 87 percent of B2B customers turn to the Web when they are seeking information before making a purchase.

If your company provides B2B products or services, then it’s important for you to have prominent placement on the search engine results page, or SERP. And while organic SEO is a big part of that, there’s also tremendous value for PPC advertising, including but not limited to Google Ads.

B2B Campaigns: Common Obstacles

Achieving success with a B2B campaign isn’t always easy. In fact, as you try to connect with B2B customers through a PPC ads campaign, you can anticipate a number of obstacles:

  • Because there is so much competition for B2B keywords, those keywords tend to be pretty expensive.
  • Many B2B markets are fairly niche, which means that even the main keywords can have very low search volumes.
  • B2B products and services have a longer sales cycle, which means it can be hard to assess the true impact of a PPC ads campaign.

It’s important to be aware of these obstacles as you plan your own B2B campaign. And yet, with the right strategy, it’s possible to overcome these obstacles and successfully connect with your target audience.

Tips for Developing an Effective Strategy

Whether you’re looking to drive B2B customers to your website or simply increase awareness of your brand, here are a few tips and guidelines for developing a PPC campaign.

Look for the Right Keywords

Industry experts sometimes refer to “Goldilocks” keywords— the ones that are neither too expensive nor too obscure, but instead fit your campaign objectives “just right.” Start by looking for some broad keyword themes, using keyword planner tools. Make sure you think about keyword intent, remembering that Google places a lot of emphasis on what kinds of information search engine users intend to find. Pare down to maybe five or six keywords and use those for the backbone of your campaign.

Generate High-Quality Ad Copy

The importance of ad copy is frankly something that many B2B companies forget about. With really effective ad copy, though, you can prevent too many wasted clicks. For example, say you have a service that costs $10,000, while your competitors offer an inferior service for a lower price. Don’t be afraid to put “starts at $10,000” in your ad copy, discouraging bargain-seekers while subtly emphasizing that you’re offering a premium service.

Keep an Eye on the Competition

It’s helpful to know what search terms your competitors are investing in, and one way to determine that is by carrying out a competitor analysis. In particular, this can be helpful to you as you look for alternative keywords you can use to capture your competitor’s search terms.

Include Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are an important part of any B2B PPC campaign, as they help to prevent your ads from being seen or clicked on by those who are outside your target audience. For example, let’s say you have a company that offers health insurance. Your negative keywords might include terms associated with home and auto consumer insurance types, which can help to ensure your ads don’t get served to folks who are looking for a product you don’t carry. You might also add employment- or recruitment-related terms to your negative keywords list, helping to avoid clicks from those who are looking for a job rather than seeking information about a product.

Don’t Forget to Test

Testing is imperative in all aspects of digital marketing, as it helps you make certain that you’re getting optimal results from your campaign. Don’t hesitate to test out different combinations of keywords and ad copy, tracking results as you seek something that gets results. Remember that even with a smart strategy, testing is an important way to fine-tune results.

Spend Time on Your Landing Pages

Finally, remember that custom landing pages can play an important part of B2B PPC advertising, and if you’re going to invest time into getting the ads right then it’s important to spend some time optimizing those landing pages, too.

A good landing page should be customized to address the user’s search query, it should present an emotionally compelling offer, and it should have calls-to-action that are well-designed and carefully positioned.

Invest in a Robust PPC Strategy

With the right approach, PPC ads can be an effective way to connect with your B2B customers.

At enCOMPASS Agency, we’re big proponents of PPC ad campaigns, and we love helping our clients develop campaigns that meet their goals. If you have any questions about moving forward with a PPC campaign, or about marketing your B2B products and services more generally, we invite you to contact us at any time.