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Using Google My Business to Boost Your Holiday Sales

Using Google My Business to Boost Your Holiday Sales

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

Businesses seeking to boost their holiday sales have countless tools at their disposal. One that is all too often overlooked is Google My Business (GMB). While GMB is a local search essential no matter the season, it takes on a unique utility during the holiday shopping season.

This is largely due to Google Posts, a feature added to GMB back in 2017. Essentially, this is free advertising space, allowing businesses to highlight events, promotions, announcements, new product roll-outs, and more. Google Posts allow you to add some creative copy and even a compelling call to action to your GMB listing; when leveraged strategically, this can be a significant asset to holiday marketing efforts.

Indeed, there are a number of ways in which businesses can use Google Posts to increase their holiday sales opportunities.

Using Google Posts During the Holiday Shopping Season

1) Display Holiday Coupons and Seasonal Deals

If you want to attract the attention of holiday shoppers, the best way to do it is to offer a really sweet deal. One of the most valuable things about Google Posts is that it allows you to use your GMB account to display your festive deals, coupons, and promotions at scale.

There are several ways to highlight seasonal savings with Google Posts; some of the most effective options include percent-off messaging, buy one get one free promotions, and limited-time pricing.

And if you actually attach a coupon code to your Google Post, whether for in-store or online use, that allows you an easy way to track the results you get from that particular promotion.

2) Buy Online, Pick Up In-Person

Shoppers tend to love retailers that allow them to browse and purchase online, but then pick up their item in-store. This offers a high level of convenience that’s invaluable during the hectic holiday season, and it’s become all the more coveted due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, statistics show that search volume for “in store pickup” has skyrocketed. Giving your customers the chance to do their shopping online, without having to wait for a delivery (or pay shipping fees), really offers the best of both worlds.

In particular, the option to buy online but pick up in store can be effective for heavyweight or bulky items, which can cost a lot of money to ship. It’s also a good option for groceries and perishable items, as well as for last-minute or same-day purchases.

Google Posts allow you a great way to advertise that buying online and picking up in-store is an option you provide at your retail store. (And if you offer curbside delivery, or the ability for customers to get their items without having to exit their vehicles, you might make note of that, as well.)

3) Show Off New Products

Google Posts can also be a good place to highlight new product launches.

Remember, Google Posts provide you with prized real estate within local search results, which means that they give you an invaluable chance to grab the attention of your customers.

There are a lot of specific ways you can make this work. Maybe highlight in-store or online events to launch a new product. Or maybe just call attention to the fact that you’re offering a new brand. Note that you can also combine new product announcements with coupons and discounts, which should really catch the attention of local consumers.

In some cases, a product launch announcement may result in instant sales. In other cases, it may simply give local shoppers incentive to visit your store or browse your online catalog. Either way, it’s a big win.

4) Announce Holiday Events

Seasonal events can be a perfect way to increase foot traffic at your retail store; this is why department stores first got the idea to have in-store appearances from Santa!

Admittedly, in-store events may be harder to execute in the era of COVID-19. But many retailers are adjusting, planning virtual happy hours, live streams, and other fun events. Of course, outdoor and socially distanced events are also very viable.

If you do have an in-store or virtual event this holiday season, remember to promote it using Google Posts.

5) Highlight Services

Finally, another way to bring in some additional holiday shoppers is simply to use your Google Posts to highlight some of the in-store services you offer.

Do you have free fittings on clothing items? Free Consultations? Pet grooming? Tune-ups, maintenance, or repair services? Any special services you offer might make great fodder for Google Posts, allowing you to further highlight some of the things that set your business apart.

Learn More About Using GMB

Questions about using GMB, or Google Posts in particular, to meet your holiday sales goals? We’d love to chat with you about it. Reach out to the enCOMPASS team any time you’d like to have a conversation.