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Is It Time for Rebranding?

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

Your brand conveys a certain set of values and associations. It’s a kind of shorthand for what users expect from your products and services. Having a strong, clear brand is essential for any kind of digital marketing success. Crucially, a brand is never entirely static. Even the most successful brands require occasional fine-tuning, as companies redefine what they stand for and how they wish to convey value to the end user.

The question is, how do you know when it’s time to change your own brand? Here are a few of the most common signs that the time for rebranding has arrived.

8 Ways You Know It’s Time to Rebrand

1) Your Brand No Longer Represents What You Do.

Imagine that you own a wig shop, called Queen City Wigs. After a few years in the business, you expand into custom hair systems, extensions, and other types of hair restoration… to the point that wigs are no longer your primary focus, not even among your bestselling products. In this situation, the name Queen City Wigs actually gives a false impression about what you do, and what customers can expect when they venture into your shop. It may be wise to change to something like Queen City Hair Restoration.

2) Your Brand Has Grown Diffuse.

A related problem: What if your business starts offering such a wide range of products and services that your customers no longer have clarity about your main value proposition? In this situation, it may be wise to develop a strong new brand that pulls together the different strands of what you do.

3) Your Current Brand Is Embarrassing or Dated.

Maybe you started your business on a lark, not investing much time into your branding because you honestly didn’t think it would matter in the long run. If your business colors, font, logo, or other branding collateral cause embarrassment, that may be reason enough to make some changes.

4) Your Branding Doesn’t Convey Your Distinctives.

When branding your business, one question you should always ask is: Why would customers choose my business over the competition? If your current branding doesn’t answer this question or convey the reasons why you’re different from the rest, then you may want to brainstorm some ways to lend your branding greater clarity and specificity.

5) You Have a New Approach to Your Brand Strategy.

Another reason why you might want to change your branding is because you’ve had a broader strategic shift. Maybe you’re fundamentally changed your mission. Maybe your business has adopted a whole new set of values and goals. Your branding should reflect these things, so if your identity evolves, the branding should, too.

6) You've Been Through a Merger or Acquisition.

Another reason to consider a change-up to your branding is if you’ve literally become a different company. Maybe you’ve been acquired by a new parent company, or you’ve absorbed a smaller business as part of your own. Merger and acquisition activity often bring about a change in mission, a change in culture, an expansion of your services, or even a modification to the community you’re addressing. These are all perfectly valid reasons to change your branding, reflecting the new identity of your business.

7) Your Geographic Area Has Changed.

Imagine that you launched a pest control company in Rock Hill, SC, and called it (imaginatively enough) Rock Hill Pest Control. Over the course of several years, you found incredible success throughout the area, acquiring a number of satellite offices and expanding your geographic focus. Now, you proudly offer pest control services throughout the state, and even in parts of North Carolina. At this juncture, it may be worth considering the fact that Rock Hill Pest Control no longer adequately conveys the community you serve.

8) You’re Hopeful to Escape Some Toxic Associations.

Hopefully, your brand comes with positive associations. Perhaps the general public associates it with reliability, excellence, or user-friendliness. But what happens if those associations are not so positive? Bad reviews, customer complaints, lawsuits, and product recalls can all tarnish your brand, making it more of a liability than an asset. If that’s happened to your brand, it may be high time you flip the scripts by changing your brand. Indeed, of all the potential reasons to rebrand, this may be the most urgent of all.

Take Stock of Your Brand Identity

It’s worth taking the time to reflect on your brand and all of its associations. While rebranding isn’t anything to do lightly or thoughtlessly, neither is it something you should avoid at all costs. Sometimes, a new brand can be the perfect catalyst for significant business expansion.

We’d love to talk with you about your branding needs, and the intersection of branding with digital marketing. Contact enCOMPASS Agency whenever you’re ready to have a conversation.