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Essential Benefits of Video Advertising

Essential Benefits of Video Advertising

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

Spend even a few seconds on the social media platform of your choice and you are almost guaranteed to see a video. In fact, most of us would readily admit to watching at least a couple of short online videos from our smartphones, each and every day. Clearly, video content is an essential part of the digital experience, and thus presents an invaluable opportunity for marketers to connect with their audience.

At enCOMPASS, we often encourage our clients to incorporate video into their overall digital strategy. Consider just a few specific benefits that video advertising can yield.

Why Invest in Video Advertising?

1) Video marketing can help you boost conversions and improve your bottom line.

One of the best reasons to create video content? It can help you seal the deal with leads and prospective customers, giving them the extra push they need to purchase your product or service.

For instance, you can create videos that demonstrate how a product works, answer key questions about your service, or simply amplify the benefits your business can offer. For customers who may still be on the fence, these videos can give them peace of mind about making a purchase.

In this way, video advertising can be a powerful way to increase sales and add to your bottom line.

2) Videos allow you to engage your customers on a more consistent basis.

Video is great for bringing in new customers, but it can also be a powerful way to stay closely connected with previous buyers.

For example, you can use video to announce new products, to provide behind-the-scenes glimpses of your team, or to demonstrate new ways in which your current customer can benefit from your products or services.

These are all ways to keep your brand top-of-mind among your existing customers, and to improve the odds of them becoming repeat customers.

3) Video can also help you improve your standing in the search rankings.

When we talk about video advertising, we’re primarily focused on things like YouTube and Instagram. However, there are real merits to developing video content that you can display on your website.

In fact, Google tends to look favorably on websites that have video embedded. And a good video can engage website visitors in such a way that they stick around for longer, perhaps exploring additional pages of your site.

The bottom line: Video can be an important way of increasing your standing in Google search.

4) With video, you can make your products easier to understand.

We hinted at this already, but one of the great benefits of video is that it can make your products easier to understand. For more sophisticated or technologically advanced products, or for services that might not be readily familiar to a wide audience, this can be invaluable.

By more clearly explaining how your products work, you can better qualify leads, and also preemptively address common questions or concerns. All of this can make life considerably easier for the members of your sales team.

5) Video is great for reaching mobile users.

Statistically speaking, we know that a majority of Internet users now access the Web via mobile devices, as opposed to desktop computers.

Video is ideally suited for reaching mobile users, many of whom may be seeking quick information about a product or service and may not be interested in reading a long blog post.

With video, you have a better chance of engaging users who are relaxing after a long day at the office, or who are killing time before their next appointment.

6) Video allows you to interact.

Another benefit to video is that it lends itself to interaction with your customers. For example, you can take live questions via YouTube or Instagram streams. Or, if you’re a little timid about going live (which is understandable), you can collect some of the most common inquiries your sales reps receive, and provide insight in a short video update.

Video can also be a great forum for giving informal updates about the company, letting your customers know about upcoming promotions, or even announcing a contest or giveaway. These are all ways in which you can better engage your audience and help them form a closer connection with your brand.

7) Video lets you personalize your business.

Finally, video can be a good way to inject some humanity into your marketing. Your customers don’t want to interact with a faceless corporation; they want to do business with actual human beings. You can forge a stronger emotional connection with candid video updates, interviews with your team members, etc.

Find Out More About Effective Video Advertising

There are countless benefits to using video advertising… and if you’re ready to capitalize on those benefits, we’d love to chat with you further. Reach out to the team at enCOMPASS whenever you’re ready to talk.