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Why You Should Begin the Year Working with a Digital Marketing Consultant

Why You Should Begin the Year Working with a Digital Marketing Consultant

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

It’s fair to say that, for most of us, the past year hasn’t exactly gone according to plan. Business owners, in particular, have faced the need to pivot and adapt to the new normal. A big part of that means finding new ways to leverage existing assets and resources, which might include your business website.

Here at enCOMPASS, we provide our clients with websites that get real results and make a tangible bottom-line impact. And after the website development work is done, we’re often faced with a familiar question: What next? One of the best ways to get maximum value out of your business website is to make it the hub of a robust digital marketing campaign. This will allow you to draw in more traffic and leverage your website in order to boost sales.

To embark on this path, we recommend meeting with a digital marketing consultant. Here at enCOMPASS, that’s a role we’re honored to fill. Consider just a few of the reasons why your business might benefit from meeting with a digital marketing consultant, particularly at the onset of a new year.

Why Work with a Digital Marketing Consultant?

1) A consultant will show you how to derive maximum value from your current assets.

One of the frustrations that business owners often express to us is that they feel like they have a great product, a standout team, and a compelling message to consumers… but for whatever reason, they just don’t know how to tie it all together. One of the best reasons to work with a digital marketing consultant is to learn how to really capitalize on your current assets; the ones you’ve already made an investment in. A digital marketing consultant can show you how to get the best results from your in-house marketing team, or how to drive traffic to that shiny new website of yours, ultimately resulting in more conversions.

2) Working with a digital marketing consultant helps you stay on top of the latest trends.

In the world of digital marketing, life comes at you fast. Google is constantly evolving its algorithms. New social media empires rise and crumble. There is a steady stream of new technologies and new trends, including trends with email marketing, video, paid ads, and more. A digital marketing consultant can help you separate the signal from the noise, ignoring ephemeral fads and helping you stay one step ahead of the industry’s twists and turns.

3) Digital marketing consultants offer real accountability.

Sometimes, it may seem difficult to tell whether your marketing efforts are really making any kind of an impact. That should never be the case when working with a qualified consultant. When you work with the enCOMPASS team, we’ll talk with you about your goals, and develop quantifiable metrics to assess your progress toward those goals. You can then chat with us at any time about how the marketing efforts are going and see data to prove that you’re getting results.

4) A digital marketing consultant can help extend your in-house team.

You may already have someone in your office who handles marketing, and who does it well. That’s great! A digital marketing consultant isn’t going to replace that person. Instead, the role of a digital marketing consultant is to extend your in-house capabilities. For instance, to achieve your marketing goals, you may require an SEO expert, a YouTube expert, a content writer, and more. Hiring for each of these positions will obviously be expensive; instead, hire a single consultant or agency, and get all of these specialties rolled into one.

5) Digital consultants can provide access to the best tools.

Another reason to work with a digital marketing consultant: You’ll get access to some of the most sophisticated and effective tools. For example, when you choose to work with enCOMPASS, you gain access to our software suite that allows you to monitor, manage, and leverage your online reviews. We also have technology we can use to track calls that come in from your website and other online assets; advanced email marketing tools that allow us to optimize the timing of every email sent; and more.

Choosing enCOMPASS as Your Digital Marketing Partner

As you look for ways to adapt your current marketing assets for a successful 2021, we hope you’ll consider working with a consultant from enCOMPASS. Our agency will craft a marketing strategy that helps you accomplish your goals; we won’t fix things that aren’t broken, but we will help isolate gaps in your strategy, and augment your current assets with advanced tools and techniques. And, we’ll ensure an intentional, data-driven approach to everything we do.

We’d love to talk with you further about your marketing objectives for 2021. Connect with enCOMPASS whenever you’re ready to learn more.