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Marketing During the Coronavirus.

Should I Cancel My Advertising and Online Marketing Due to COVID-19?

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

There is no doubt by now that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is impacting your business in one way or another. Whether you are a retailer counting on foot traffic or a service company needing to book appointments, the public outcry for social distancing is gaining steam every day.

As business owners, this puts us in a difficult position. Not all companies can work remotely or send employees to work from home. And with limited revenues coming in, we need to answer the question, “Should I cancel or pause my marketing?” In order to help answer this, here are a few things to consider.

With more people quarantined or working from home, there is going to be a surge in online activity.

As people spend more time at home during this crisis, they are going to be online searching, on social media, and shopping for things that can be delivered more than ever before. YOU HAVE A CAPTIVE AUDIENCE! If you cancel your advertising, then you are giving up the opportunity to get in front of an audience that is more captive than usual. While you may not reap the benefits right away, keeping a strong marketing presence will make your turn-around after this crisis much quicker than those who are not actively advertising.

Crisis brings innovation.

Now is the time to look at how you can change the world and start advertising that message!

If you are an auto dealer and have been considering selling your vehicles online then now is the time to advertise that message and make sure potential customers are aware of this service at your dealership. You can also promote how your sales people will do more interactive sales appointments/test drives with customers who don’t want to leave their homes. For your service department, communicate to all customers that you are making your dealership a safer place to service their vehicle by sanitizing all steering wheels, gear shifters, door handles and key fobs. Maybe even consider online payments for service and home pick-up and drop-off for customers in a ten-mile radius of the store.

If you are a hair restoration studio, your customers or potential clients may not feel comfortable coming in for a consult today. Now is that time to get set up to provide interactive consultations which will allow you to talk to the potential customer now and get them on the schedule for an appointment in the future for their services. When we come out on the other side of this crisis you will have a booked schedule of new customers on your calendar. And don’t forget that many of your customers will still want to come in for their service so explain all of the additional efforts your studio is taking to keep them safe.

If you have a medical practice, med spa or HRT clinic, now is the time to communicate to all of your customers and explain how sanitary and safe your offices are and the precautions you take each and every day to ensure the safety of your customers not just during this crisis, but always! And explain some precautions you have in place specifically during this time (masks, hand sanitizer at the door, etc.) that will keep them from being exposed and feel comfortable to continue their treatments.

Let’s do one more. If you’re a home services business, people are still going to need their plumbing or HVAC fixed, especially with them spending more time at home. Keep your advertising going and be sure to communicate the precautions your company is taking to ensure safety. Make sure this is prominent on your website and you’ll likely find you gain market share in your area because you are being proactive and addressing customer concerns upfront.

You get the idea. Rise to the occasion!

Evaluate your situation every week.

Every business is different. Some may be able to withstand a temporary downturn in business and keep their marketing going and be able to reap the rewards on the other side. Other businesses may not have enough cash on hand to sustain such a plan. Look at your situation, make your decision, and re-evaluate once per week. Do not keep reevaluating every day or you will make yourself crazy as well as open yourself up for mistakes and bad decision making. Dedicate one day each week to talk with your marketing partner and after that focus on what else you can be doing to improve your business, your processes, and your company as a whole. Keep your mind and your team focused. Use any “down” time to do the things you have not had time to do that you know would improve your organization.

As your marketing partner, we are here to help guide you through this. Call your account manager today and set up that weekly touch base review. We are ready for your call!

If you are not currently an enCOMPASS client but have any additional questions or would like help navigating your marketing through this national crisis, we’d love to assist. Reach out to the team at enCOMPASS Agency today.

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