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Meet the Team: Lauren Chambers, Design & Development Team

Meet the Team: Lauren Chambers, Design & Development Team

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

Welcome to a new chapter of our popular "Meet the Team" series! We've selected our next enCOMPASS target, asked a handful of questions, and posted the answers here—to give you an insider's look at who we are and why we do what we do.

Lauren Chambers


Lauren Chambers • Design & Development Team

When did you join the enCOMPASS team?


What led you into design?

Both my mom and older sister have a background in art (and some serious art skills), so I grew up immersed in the world of art and design. Over time, my own design skills developed. Now, I enjoy looking at a design, wondering about the decision process behind it, and thinking about how it could be improved.

Digital marketing is amazing. Why do you love it?

With static marketing and design (brochures, posters, etc.), you have a lot of control over what that final product looks like, but very little control when it comes time to measure its performance. On the other hand, digital marketing gives you so many opportunities to track the effectiveness of your marketing campaign. You can use those measurements to make adjustments here and there, allowing you to get the best bang for your (marketing) buck.

Lauren Chambers


What’s your favorite part about working at enCOMPASS?

Definitely the enCOMPASS team! Each member not only has the appropriate skills and desire to learn, but also the right personality and attitude to fit in with the dynamic of the team. Plus, we’re all accountable for our mistakes and comfortable challenging each other’s ideas, in order to get us the best possible solution for any project.

It’s the weekend! Describe your “perfect day.”

A perfect day for me would start with a slow, relaxing morning, followed by an outing with my husband and our kids. We’d then go out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants, get a delicious dessert (preferably one that included both peanut butter and chocolate), and spend the rest of the evening watching a movie or playing a board game.

Tell us a fun fact about you!

I’ve always enjoyed crafts and new experiences, so I once took a class on how to make balloon animals. The hardest part for me was getting over the fear of that accidental balloon “POP”!


Let's Grow Together

At enCOMPASS, our growth is important. The enCOMPASS team actively learns new technology and monitors how campaigns change so that we are prepared to bring your business further in the future. Are you ready to take advantage of our team's growth and grow your business too? Contact us today to get started.