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Why Your Business Needs Digital Media Consulting in 2020

Why Your Business Needs Digital Media Consulting in 2020

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

On the Internet, nothing ever stays the same for long. That’s certainly true of the video ecosystem, which has taken great evolutionary leaps just in the past few years and is poised for further disruption in 2020.

From social media “Stories” to live streams, the capacity to digest online video continues to expand. Meanwhile, major businesses and even political campaigns have doubled down on the prevalence of digital media, investing with the same liberal spending they once brought to traditional broadcast advertising.

All of this means that, for smaller or medium-sized businesses, the digital media landscape may seem a little fraught or confusing. It’s our belief that opportunity abounds, and there’s ample space for smaller companies to yield real results with strategic video advertising. To make the most of these opportunities, however, it’s critical to partner with an expert in the field; that’s what the digital media consulting services at enCOMPASS are all about.

Where is Digital Media Headed in 2020?

The primary role of a digital media consulting partner is to help you navigate the rapid fluctuations within digital media, and to make smart use of your advertising resources. And one thing’s for sure: The world of digital media is indeed changing quickly. Consider some of the trends that we’re forecasting for the coming year:

  • Video personalization will be a big deal. Personalization has become a big marketing buzzword lately, and not without reason. Simply put, today’s online consumers are less persuaded by “one size fits all” content, and more inclined toward content that addresses their particular interests and needs. Businesses that can precisely target their videos to the right audience will see the greatest traction.
  • Political ads will crowd the field. Another important consideration as we head into 2020 is that it’s an election year… and if you think campaign ads are strictly a broadcast TV thing, think again. In fact, there are already reports that major campaigns are reserving serious ad space on YouTube and other video platforms. This will make ad buying a lot more crowded and competitive, but a digital media consulting service can help you find and exploit the right opportunities.
  • It will become increasingly necessary to rely on data. We mentioned personalization above, and the importance of matching the right content to the right audience. The only way to make that happen is to rely on metrics and analytic data, which can ensure that you’re honing your strategy rather than just making educated guesses. In 2020, access to data will be paramount.
  • There will be more places to position video content. In terms of the sheer number of places where your business can position its video content, the options are innumerable. Social platforms like Instagram and Facebook are obvious forums, but even Twitter is becoming a bigger player in digital video. That’s to say nothing of different ad placement opportunities on YouTube, Hulu, connected TV, and beyond. This is good news, because it means even smaller companies can find channels that fit their needs and their budget, but again, it points to the need of real digital media expertise to help make an informed decision.
  • There will be different kinds of video content. Just as there are many places to publish video content, there are also many forms that video can take, ranging from live streams and impromptu “Stories” to long-form video content. Of course, there are different formats for ads, too. Video marketers certainly don’t have any shortage of options, and there may be some merit to experimenting with different kinds of video content.
  • Video will be integrated throughout the sales funnel. Historically, a lot of marketers have viewed video as a nice “extra,” but not necessarily as something essential to their marketing efforts. That’s starting to change, and in the year to come, it’s going to become increasingly vital to implement video at key stages throughout the sales funnel.

Hiring a Digital Media Consulting Service

The video landscape is changing, and that’s to say nothing of other opportunities that businesses have to promote their brands, whether through display, SEM, email, digital audio or social media tactics.

Navigating this array of opportunities presents a challenge, but a digital media consulting service can help your business weather these changes and use your media budget effectively.

The enCOMPASS team boasts years of experience consulting with businesses of all kinds on their digital media buying, from sports teams to Fortune 500 companies to smaller enterprises. We’d love to apply our marketing brainpower to your business context, whether through helping you coordinate your video marketing efforts or locating other opportunities.

We welcome the chance to chat with you further about some of the pending changes to the digital media landscape, to discuss video marketing opportunities, or to answer any questions you have about digital media consulting. Reach out any time.