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Why Facebook is (Still) Invaluable to Your Business

Why Facebook is (Still) Invaluable to Your Business

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

Marketers tend to dislike change—yet in the past year, it seems as though there’s been nothing but change, particularly where Facebook is concerned. Due to public relations issues and an increased scrutiny on their business practices, Facebook has made some significant algorithmic updates that the end user has largely benefited from. For marketers, these changes may not be quite so welcome.

The biggest shake-up has been the algorithmic downgrading of business pages and branded posts; where once content from business pages was prominent in individual newsfeeds, Facebook has deliberately pushed this content down, putting the emphasis on posts from personal friends and family members.

Such changes have caused many businesses to wonder if Facebook is still worth their time and investment. While we understand some of this skepticism, enCOMPASS continues to use Facebook for our own brand, and we also recommend it to our clients. The simple fact is that Facebook remains an invaluable marketing platform for your company—and there are a few reasons why.

You Can Still Use Facebook to Build Brand Awareness

To be sure, organic reach isn’t what it used to be. Facebook’s algorithmic changes have made it tougher to reach audiences with your branded content. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to expand your page’s influence.

Consider sponsored posts, which have advanced targeting options and make it easy to reach new audiences. For example, you can use Facebook’s lookalike audience feature to reach new users who mirror the demographics of your current email list or customer base.

Also note that, while the organic reach of business pages has diminished, there are still other ways to reach broader audiences, such as through Facebook groups and influencer marketing.

The bottom line: There’s more than one way to use Facebook to draw new attention to your business.

Facebook is Also Helpful for Engaging Your Existing Audience

Growing your audience matters, but so does keeping your existing audience engaged.

And since your audience is already active on Facebook, you can meet them there with high-quality content that keeps your brand at the forefront of their minds. Some examples of this content might be Facebook live videos, pre-recorded videos, posts in Facebook groups, and even some of those tried and true content marketing basics, like blog posts.

But wait: Didn’t we say that posts from business pages aren’t given as much prominence as they used to? That’s true—except among audience members who are regularly engaged with what you’re doing. So for those brand loyalists—the people who are really invested in your company and its content offerings—good, strong content can keep engagement levels up.

Facebook Can Drive Sales and Increase Conversions

Ultimately, all of this—expanding your audience; keeping your audience engaged—is all a means to an end. What you ultimately want is to increase sales for your brand—and Facebook can be a powerful tool for accomplishing that, too.

This is where the Facebook Ads platform is invaluable. Due to its advanced targeting options, it’s easy to reach out directly to potential customers who meet certain demographic criteria. You can determine your ideal audience by age, gender, geography, income level, hobbies and interests, and beyond.

Through targeted ads, you can drive traffic to custom landing pages, boosting conversions for specific products or offers. There is no other social media platform that allows for this high level of advanced targeting.

Facebook is Also Useful for Customer Education and Retention

Another thing: Facebook can help you bring in new customers, but it’s just as useful at retaining those customers.

One of our favorite uses of Facebook is sharing video guides, how-tos, product demonstrations, and even FAQs, addressing anything a new customer might need to know about the company or its products.

This serves a couple of purposes. One, it’s a form of proactive customer service; before they even call you with a question, your customers find all the answers they need, right there on your Facebook page.

And, it’s an important way to show current and prospective customers alike that you’re going to support them—that even after they buy a product, you’ll be there to educate them and to help them get the very most out of their purchase. The effects on customer loyalty can’t be overstated.

Facebook Offers Real Value to Your Business

Facebook is changing, and not all of the changes are welcome news to marketers—yet for all of that, the platform remains an essential tool for anyone looking to develop a larger online audience.

At enCOMPASS, we continue to think Facebook has a key position in digital marketing efforts. We’d love to talk with you further about some of the benefits it can offer your business. Contact us today and let’s start a conversation.