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How to Reach Football Fans with Your Marketing Message

How to Reach Football Fans with Your Marketing Message

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

When it comes to big audiences, football pretty well has the market cornered. It remains the most-watched sport in America, and it represents a golden opportunity for marketers looking to spread their message. Of course, the sheer popularity of football also poses some marketing challenges: As much as you might love to show an ad during the next big game, doing so can be quite competitive—and thus, quite expensive.

But that doesn’t mean marketers lack viable options for tapping into the football crowd. Here are just a few strategies to consider.

Consider TV Sync

Watching a game on TV means wading through a bunch of commercials—and when those ads come on, the most avid fans pick up their phones to learn more about what’s happening in the red zone. This is a prime opportunity for marketers.  TV-sync tactics employ commercial triggers—for example, a competitor’s brand airing on TV—to display your ads online. This same technology allows you to trigger ads at certain points during the game—for instance, during halftime or right after the game’s end—when a lot of watchers will be reaching for their devices.

And What About Social Media?

There is also a role for social media ads here—including targeted Facebook ad placements. Consider that if you’re a big football fan, Facebook’s algorithms probably know it, based on your online activity as well as your own self-identification. So, why not target some paid ads to those who have, say, LIKED your local team’s page, or checked in at a local game? Similarly, Snapchat has options to target those who proclaim themselves to be “American Football Fans,” a way to tap into an audience you may not be addressing otherwise.

Mobile Matters

Not everyone is able to sit and watch the big game, of course—but thanks to their mobile devices, these fans are able to log in and check stats while they’re on the road or at a tailgating event. The enCOMPASS team can run ads that display specifically to those who have exhibited some of these behaviors—watching game highlights on their phones, for instance—across a range of platforms.

Finally, Don’t Forget Video Ads

Similarly, when you have access to the right data, you can target video ads to those who’ve shown certain behaviors—such as, most obviously, watching football. You can do so across a number of channels, too. YouTube offers a lot of possibilities; for instance, the NFL channel will let you display ads during post-game breakdowns or highlight reels, while a lot of local broadcast networks now let you run ads during their mobile streaming game coverage for a very reasonable price.

Get a Strategy for Reaching Football Fans

As you seek inroads with the coveted football demographic, make sure you have a holistic marketing plan in place. We can help you implement one. Call the enCOMPASS team today and let’s talk.