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So, you’re getting ready to run a PPC campaign for your company – great! You know PPC campaigns require planning and research. Selecting keywords, setting a budget spend strategy, and writing ad copy are a few of those steps. One step that often gets overlooked is creating a great landing page.

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Google knows websites and search engine rankings. They also know what search engine users want from websites. Based on that knowledge, Google offers a generous collection of free tools that help you enhance your website’s performance in search rankings and user experience.

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At enCOMPASS, we see the effectiveness of PPC advertising for our clients every day. Your pay per click marketing campaign is the most effective online advertising vehicle for your company. PPC offers many, many advantages over traditional advertising. However, PPC does have a dark side – click fraud.

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In Part 1 of this series, we briefly discussed what click fraud is, where it comes from, and two red flags that may indicate click fraud in your PPC campaigns.

For Part 2, we will focus on how click fraud impacts your analytics once those bad clicks land on your website.

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In the content marketing world, it is pretty common knowledge that Google loves fresh content. As a result, generating new content is a key component of any solid online marketing plan.

Fresh website content goes beyond higher Google rankings, however. New content can also convert viewers to customers, assist you in keeping existing clients happy, and help you position your company as an industry expert. Generating new content seems less like a chore when you outline the benefits!

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We often hear brand marketers say, “I’ve tried PPC and it does not work for our company.” As an interactive marketing agency, we know PPC works quite effectively. It is, without a doubt, the most cost-effective advertising medium today.

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PPC continues to be one of the most consistent and efficient forms of Internet marketing for businesses of all sizes. Here at enCOMPASS Agency, we know PPC is the MOST effective form of advertising, if implemented properly. We do not just say it works; we see it work every day for our clients.

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A successful PPC campaign begins with investing in a PPC Pre-Launch Strategy. Below we describe our suggested pre-launch process for creating effective PPC campaigns.

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Are your marketing e-mails landing in spam folders or finding their way immediately into virtual trashcans? Or are they actually serving their purpose—bringing new traffic to your website, new calls to your office, and new customers into the fold?

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The holiday shopping season is almost upon us! Within the 8 weeks leading up to the New Year, retail and holiday shopping volume explodes online and offline. Due to the increased advertising demand, inventory and audience data becomes more expensive. With our historical knowledge of the 4th quarter digital retail space, it’s important to make sure your digital partners have anticipated these changes and have made adjustments in order to drive performance.

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