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Why You Should Add Digital Audio to Your Media Mix

Why You Should Add Digital Audio to Your Media Mix

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

For generations, advertisers have faced the same question: What’s the most effective way to engage the attention of our audience? In 2023, few answers are more compelling than digital audio. Study after study confirms that this rapidly rising medium is among the most effective at capturing and maintaining audience attention, and that it’s a must-have for virtually any company’s media mix.

Digital Audio Commands Attention

For proof of just how effective digital audio can be, consider a recent Ipsos survey. The top-line result: When it comes to grabbing attention, digital audio is simply without peer.

More specifically, the data reveals that podcasts and online radio have the highest attention scores, far surpassing channels such as display advertising or even social media. And, digital audio scores particularly high attention numbers with the youngest demographic (16–34-year-olds).

To put it into perspective, digital audio eclipses billboards, mobile games, television, and even online video for its ability to command user attention.

Digital Audio is Well-Received

It’s not just that digital audio is attention-grabbing. It’s also that it tends to be well-received among listeners. It’s an intimate format that, according to the Ipsos survey, most listeners receive positively.

The survey result makes it plain that listeners find digital audio to be significantly more useful, more inspiring, and more credible than other forms of advertising. Again, digital audio eclipses even tried-and-true channels like social media advertising, TV ads, and in-game advertising, all of which are frequently perceived to be annoying or intrusive.

Digital Audio Offers Significant Coverage

One of the most common concerns we hear about digital audio is that it simply doesn’t offer sufficient coverage; in other words, that it doesn’t reach enough people to make it worthwhile. Here again, the statistics from Ipsos tell a different story.

It’s true that, if you take podcasts and digital radios separately, neither of them provides the kind of coverage that most advertisers want. But if you combine them together into one unified, comprehensive campaign, you get a much different picture. By combining these different formats, advertisers can gain both extensive coverage and high levels of attention.

Why is Digital Audio So Promising?

These statistics and survey results are all compelling, but it may be worth it to step back and ask an even more fundamental question: Why is it that digital audio has become such an essential and engaging format for advertisers?

Simply put, digital audio is becoming more popular because consumer habits are changing. During the pandemic, when most people were homebound, they dropped their habit of listening to drive-time radio, instead seeking audio programming more carefully aligned with their interests. Those new media habits are clearly continuing into the present day, as terrestrial radio wanes in its popularity and digital audio explodes.

There is also a more esoteric level on which many users develop real relationships with the podcasters they listen to. One-sided though these relationships may be, they can also feel intimate, with users coming to know and trust the voices they hear through their earbuds each day. It’s little wonder that these voices come to convey trustworthiness, even when delivering ad copy.

Additional Reasons to Add Digital Audio to Your Media Mix

Clearly, digital audio is beneficial on many levels, but what we’ve said so far is just the tip of the iceberg. Consider just a few additional reasons why digital audio makes a smart addition to almost any advertiser’s media mix.

  • Audio content is ubiquitous. For many listeners, there’s hardly a second of the day when they don’t have some kind of content streaming through their earbuds. Digital audio is an omnipresent companion for anyone doing chores, running errands, or simply powering through another day at the office.
  • Audio content is diverse. Both in terms of formats and types of content, audio offers a world of limitless options. This is what makes it so appealing to so many creatives, but it’s also great news for advertisers, as it shows the sheer number of options available for targeting different audiences. Whoever you’re trying to reach, you can probably do so via digital audio.
  • Digital audio ads are difficult to block. Unlike virtually all other advertising channels, digital audio doesn’t really offer a way for consumers to skip past ads. While the fast-forward button can sometimes be put to good use, most listeners are too involved in other activities to actually take advantage of it.

Explore the Options for Digital Audio

Digital audio provides a lot of promise to advertisers. We think it’s well worth considering, and we’d love to talk with you further about ways to incorporate it into your existing media mix. Here at enCOMPASS Agency, we have considerable experience helping our clients leverage digital audio to great effect. Contact us whenever you’re ready to learn more.