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Meet the Team: Ed Sciortino, Account Team

Meet the Team: Ed Sciortino, Account Team

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

Welcome to the next installment of our popular "Meet the Team" series! We've selected our fifth target, asked a few questions, and posted his answers here—giving you a chance to get to know the people behind our projects.

Ed Sciortino


Ed Sciortino • Account Team

When did you join the enCOMPASS team?


What led you into account management?

The ability to make a REAL impact and the opportunity to make it happen across so many industries & walks of life.

Ed Sciortino


Digital marketing is amazing. Why do you love it?

Digital marketing is what marketing has become. It’s relatively new, it’s constantly evolving. I love how I can know as much (if not more) of the latest best practices than someone who has been engrained in marketing for decades. I also love technology and relating the strategies we implement to the businesses & people we work with, my own personal experiences with digital, as well as the opportunity to leverage the knowledge we have into something truly impactful on our client’s livelihoods.

What’s your favorite part about working at enCOMPASS?

Both the standard we hold ourselves to and what we stand for is important to me. We also have the right people in the rights seats which means I can trust my team wholeheartedly.

It’s the weekend! Describe your “perfect day.”

The current season in which I’m writing this could be swaying me, but I love any day of watching college/NFL football - & everything that comes with it. Sign me up for a tailgate with friends, family, cornhole, buffalo chicken dip, etc!

Ed Sciortino


Tell us a fun fact about you!

Once upon a time in London, I chewed up and swallowed my metal retainer on accident while eating a chocolate croissant. Other than that, it was an amazing trip!


Driven by intelligence, passion & trust.

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