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enCOMPASS Advertising Agency Wins 15 Davey and 6 W3 Awards

enCOMPASS Advertising Agency Wins 15 Davey and 6 W3 Awards

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

enCOMPASS Advertising Agency is pleased to announce its recognition in the 2017 Davey Awards and W3 Awards. We are excited to add 15 Davey Awards and 6 W3 Awards to our shelf! The enCOMPASS Agency team is extremely thankful for our clients providing opportunities to create beautiful work with them, and incredibly proud of the recognition we've received through the Davey and W3 Awards!

The enCOMPASS team strives for excellence in every piece of work we do. We are passionate about results, and we work to create great work with integrity. We build comprehensive marketing solutions, tailor-fit to the needs and specifications of each individual client. With each website we build, we research our client's market, combine it with highly-effective digital advertising and marketing methods to provide them not only award-winning results but most importantly a website that SELLS. enCOMPASS Advertising Agency has now won over 90 international awards in the past 5 years and we're excited to tell you more about our latest accolades!

The Davey Awards

"David defeated the giant Goliath with a big idea and a little rock – the sort of thing small agencies do each year. The annual International Davey Awards honors the achievements of the 'Creative Davids' who derive their strength from big ideas, rather than stratospheric budgets."

The Davey Awards is the largest awards competition specifically designed for creative small agencies. Being recognized with not one, but 15 Davey Awards is a monumental achievement. The Davey Awards are sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA). The AIVA is an invitation-only group consisting of the top minds in the creative world, with representatives from Disney, Microsoft, Yahoo!, MTV, Monster.com, and many more. 

This year, enCOMPASS was awarded the following Davey Awards:



  • Websites: Professional Services (Cabro Logistical Solutions)
  • Feature Categories: Best User Experience (Cabro Logistical Solutions)
  • Feature Categories: Best Home Page (enCOMPASS Advertising Agency) 
  • Feature Categories: Best Visual Appeal - Aesthetic (enCOMPASS Advertising Agency)
  • Websites: Consulting (enCOMPASS Agency) 
  • Websites: Professional Services (enCOMPASS Agency) 
  • Websites: Branding (enCOMPASS Agency) 
  • Feature Categories: Best Home Page (enCOMPASS Agency) 
  • Feature Categories: Best User Experience (enCOMPASS Agency) 
  • Feature Categories: Best Visual Appeal - Aesthetic (enCOMPASS Agency) 
  • Websites: Beauty and Cosmetics (Mane Image Hair Restoration)
  • Websites: Fitness (Mane Image Hair Restoration)
  • Feature Categories: Best Visual Appeal - Aesthetic (Mane Image Hair Restoration)
  • Websites: Beauty and Cosmetics (MHN Hair Restoration)

The W3 Awards

The W3 Awards, also sanctioned by the AIVA, recognize the creative professionals behind the web's best sites, videos, and programs. While the Davey Awards are designed exclusively for small firms, the W3 Awards are open to both small firms and large ones alike. Small firms are as likely to win as Fortune 500 companies and international agencies. Judging in the W3 Awards is extremely competitive, with firms of all sizes and finances competing against each other. Only 10% of entries will receive a Gold Award. 

This year, enCOMPASS received 6 Silver honors from the W3 awards:

The enCOMPASS team is proud of the honors we've received from the Davey Awards and W3 Awards this year. Over the past 5 years, we've earned international awards from the Davey, W3, Summit and Communicator Awards. We take pride in the work we do for our clients, and it is a great honor to receive international recognition on behalf of the work we do!

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