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Superior Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

computer sem Search Engine Advertising is paid internet advertising that shows your ad to consumers searching on the web and mobile devices for your products and services. Search engines are the number one way people find businesses in their area. Consumers looking for local products and services while on the go has generated a vast number of mobile searches as well. We help you capture those consumers with our IMI Search Platform, and our search engine advertising service for web and mobile users that brings you more customers and tracks your ROI like you’ve never seen before!  Since our bidding platform partner is a Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner with nearly one million campaigns run, we know what works.

The enCOMPASS SEM Difference

  • IMI Search Overview

  • Keyword Discovery

  • Budget Discovery

  • Geo Targeting

  • Ad Copy

  • Intelligent Tracking

  • Meticulous Management

Going Far Beyond The Click

IMI Search is Much More Than an AdWords Campaign
Our Search Platform targets 98% of the search engines that are available today - including mobile search.  During the campaign we are constantly tracking to see which publishers are converting best for the client’s campaign. A multi-platform strategy is the only effective way to approach your SEM campaign.

IMI Search has you covered whether users are searching for you on Google, Bing, Yahoo!, search directories like Superpages.com and Citysearch or hundreds of other local and mobile sites and directories.  There is no need for you to try and manage campaigns on all of these publishers. We do it all, so no matter where customers are searching, they can find you!

What we Do
Consult with you to determine the best budgeting and campaign strategies that will work for your unique advertising needs.

Initial setup of keyword marketing campaign.

Research and uncover the keywords most relevant to your business to ensure a focused and targeted campaign.

The broadening aspect of the initial keyword discovery to uncover all of the applicable keywords for a particular search campaign.
Setting up the keyword accounts with all of the search engines. This includes the implementation of these accounts to work how the client desires (i.e. spend distributed evenly across the month vs. no set daily limits, initiating the geographic scope, setting the target url, etc.)
Setting up the reverse proxy web-page in order to establish the tracking systems.
Activating the online tracking mechanisms (call, email, web event, etc.)  
The cost of the telephone numbers that are used to track the calls that come in from the campaign.
Our call analysts will listen to, categorize, and track every phone call that comes in from your online search campaign to better determine your ROI.
Analyzing the client’s website to determine pages to track, events to track, and url’s to monitor for optimal tracking and campaign performance.
Strategic creation of the dynamic ad content for the campaign. There are multiple types of content ads that are created for each campaign. enCOMPASS provides relevant and effective ad content for your campaign.
Ongoing maintenance of all keywords and activity to consistently deliver the best results for your campaign.
Access to enCOMPASS’ proprietary IMI client web tracking service to monitor your campaign.
IMI Reports of visits, phone calls, e-mails, forms submitted, IP addresses, and certain web activity to be defined. This report can also include phone call analysis, web-site analysis, campaign analysis, and other important process and business development recommendations.
Changes to keyword campaigns are made in a timely and appropriate manner.
Ongoing and unsurpassed management of your Search Engine Marketing Campaign.


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call analysis

Keyword Discovery

Every client and every campaign is unique. The keyword discovery process is critical for a successful SEM campaign. We uncover the keywords most relevant to your business to ensure a focused and targeted campaign. We then take the core keywords through a broadening process from the initial keyword discovery to reveal all of the applicable keywords for a particular search campaign. With many campaigns we start with upwards of 2,000 keywords.  (Although quantity is not the focus – quality is.)

The campaign, along with your keywords, is reviewed by our editorial team to ensure quality control and accuracy, leveraging historic campaign data and best practices for your business type.

Once the campaign starts, we track every keyword and its effectiveness. As we optimize the campaign, we will raise the bids on keywords that are generating leads and conversions while lowering the bids on lower performing keywords. We will also omit keywords that are not performing well.

Due to the Intelligent Tracking there is no need to focus solely on Cost Per Click because your campaign and keywords are optimized to your ROI.

keyword discovery 

Budget Discovery

An accurate budget is vital to the success of any PPC advertising campaign. When we develop a budget recommendation for a client, it is based on search data and not speculation. We examine how many searches are being done in an average month for the target market the campaign is to run in. We then give our client a three-tier recommendation.

A Prominent campaign will provide the best overall presence and is recommended for highly competitive industries. A Competitive campaign is recommended when there are budget limitations, and we feel a good ROI can be achieved at this level. A Representative campaign is recommended when there are strict budget constraints and for industries without considerable competition.

If the client cannot afford at least a representative budget, then we will generally recommend against running a PPC campaign. In order to run a successful PPC campaign, you need to reach at least 50% of the searches that are being conducted. Capturing any universe smaller than 50% can yield insignificant results.

Our budget recommendations are heavily researched and prepared with the client’s success as the central focus.

green pie chart

Cover appx. 90% or more of all searches
Achieve a dominant ranking on the first page


blue pie chart

Cover 65% or more of all searches
Achieve a competitive ranking on the first page


brown pie chart

Cover 50% or more of all searches
Achieve a representative ranking on the first page

Geographic Targeting

Paid Search Campaigns can be strategically implemented nationally, regionally, or locally. We ensure that campaigns that target a specific geographic region are constructed with a two-tier geographic targeting approach.  

First geo-target tier:  Set up campaign so that all terms, even “generic” search terms, are targeted to anyone inside the specified geo-targeted. (i.e.  If anyone within the targeted radius searches for “auto repair,” then the auto repair client’s ad will be displayed.)

Second geo-targeted tier:  Many times, searchers outside of the targeted radius will search for products and services within the targeted area by including a geo-targeted keyword. In this case we make certain your ad displays.  (i.e. When a searcher outside of the targeted radius searches for “auto repair Fayetteville,” the auto repair client’s ad will be displayed even though it is technically outside of the Tier 1 targeted area.)  

This two-tier geo-targeting allows us to capture all relevant searches for our clients.


Ad Copy

Having the correct ad copy is a key component to a successful PPC campaign. We strategically research and write multiple ad copy. We also track the campaign consistently to provide the highest Click-Thru-Rate (CTR) possible. We tactically use Dynamic Ad Copy to achieve higher CTR’s.

Site links/listings are also included in our ad copy process and provide you with more real estate on the page for highly target keywords.
google advertising

Intelligent Tracking

intelligent tracking

Tracking is the most important piece to running a targeted, efficient Pay-Per-Click campaign. Our proprietary technology allows us to Go Far Beyond The Click with the tracking tools we have in place.

Reverse Proxy – We use reverse proxy technology which allows us to track:

arrow Site visits – potential customers that enter the site
arrow Page views – the pages that visitors are most interested in
arrow Phone calls – customers that call the business
arrow e-mails – customers that inquire about products/services
arrow Forms submitted – such as appointment scheduling, credit applications, etc
arrow IP addresses – can give the approximate location of the viewer
arrow Coupons (with Offer Pages) – “click to print” coupon captures the customer name, e-mail, city, and phone number then forwards an e-mail to the advertiser
arrow And more....

Interactive Tracking Analysis
Click-Through Rate
– Percentage of searchers who clicked on ad
Click-to-Call – Percentage of users who picked up the phone and called after clicking through to website
Click-To-Web-Event – Percentage of customers who participated in an action on client website that was deemed a targeted user response after clicking on PPC ad
Average Page Position – What placement rank ads are achieving on the search engines
% Daily Budget – A measurement tool to determine if client's budget is at the correct level

Unsurpassed Site Tracking
When setting up the client’s campaign, we analyze the website and determine pages to track, events to track, and url’s to monitor. This allows us to tie conversion ratios to each relevant page and action. This process will ensure that the keywords are managed according to effectiveness and not simply by a Cost Per Click basis. Because of these superior tracking methods, we can hone in on the strongest keywords to provide a more effective and efficient PPC campaign.

intelligent marketing 



Call Tracking Analysis

The Enhanced Call Tracking Platform is offered exclusively by enCOMPASS.  We have call analysts that will listen to, categorize, and comment on every call that is generated through the PPC campaign. This allows us to determine which keywords are generating the most significant leads as well as gives us the opportunity to truly partner with our clients and help them develop their sales process.  

Our call analysts will flag calls they feel might be a missed opportunity as well as give recommendations on how to improve closing ratios based on what they hear on the calls.

phone leads

Categorization of calls becomes a useful tool for the client to determine what kind of leads are being generated from the PPC campaign.

 call analysis

Ongoing & Unsurpassed Management of Your Search Campaign

Software Campaign Management
Each campaign is monitored 24/7 by a proprietary software platform that uses state-of-the-art tracking mechanisms combined with specialized algorithms to ensure optimal performance.

The Human Touch:
Each campaign is also monitored daily by a human analyst to ensure the campaign is running at optimal performance. Our campaign analysts are specialists in the field and will make adjustments as they see opportunities for improvements to the campaign.

It is our goal to deliver the most effective and efficient Pay-Per-Click campaigns for our clients. That is why we Go Far Beyond the Click with monthly reports that discuss everything from the PPC campaign performance to recommended web site enhancements, process development opportunities, and other strategies to help grow our client’s business. We also provide our clients with access to a 24/7 online reporting system to view their campaign metrics at their convenience. We understand that a PPC campaign is an extension of a much larger marketing strategy, and we work with our clients to achieve their goals – both online and offline.  The bottom line – WE GET IT, and no one does it better.


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