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enCOMPASS Agency Brings Home 15 Communicator Awards for 2017

enCOMPASS Agency Brings Home 15 Communicator Awards for 2017

Written by enCOMPASS Agency

Over the past five years, enCOMPASS has been honored with 70 international accolades—and that includes 15 trophies from the 2017 Communicator Awards. We’re immensely proud to receive recognition for our marketing and design work on behalf of our clients, and we’re particularly grateful to the Communicator voters for these much-appreciated designations.

About the Communicator Awards

The Communicators are intended to honor excellence in marketing and communications. In fact, it’s one of the largest international awards for marketing and design, receiving more than 6,000 annual submissions from agencies of all sizes. For 23 years and counting, the Communicator Awards have prized big ideas and creative excellence in the marketing field.

“The Communicator Awards honors work that transcends innovation and craft – work that made a lasting impact, providing an equal chance of winning to all entrants regardless of company or agency size and project budget,” the Communicator website says. “If your work moved people, we want to give it a chance to take home a Communicator.”

As for how the honorees are determined, each Communicator is selected by members of the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AIVA), which encompasses top professionals from advertising, communications, and other creative fields. Included in this awards body are executives from Disney, MTV, Conde Nast, and beyond.

Our 2017 Communicator Awards

The enCOMPASS team is proud of our 15 Communicator wins from 2017; these awards span not just numerous categories, but several enCOMPASS clients. Here’s the full rundown.

Gold-level honors:

Silver-level honors:

Our 70 international awards included not just Communicator honors, but also Davey Awards, Summit Awards, and W3 Awards. As ever, the entire enCOMPASS team is gratified to see our hard work recognized, but more than anything else we’re happy to know that we make a difference on behalf of our clients.

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