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enCOMPASS Honored with 13 2016 Communicator Awards

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The mission of the enCOMPASS team is pretty straightforward: We strive for Great Work That Makes a Difference, and look to employ our art and our craft in ways that help our clients educate consumers and ultimately build their brands. We do what we do because we believe it is important to the many business owners we have the pleasure of working with, and attaining client satisfaction is really the only reward we seek. Nevertheless, the enCOMPASS team is flattered to have our work recognized by others, and honored to announce our receipt of 13 Communicator Awards for 2016.

The Communicators, too, have a simple mission: To honor excellence in marketing and communications. For more than 20 years the Communicator Awards have been a leading arbiter of excellence in international marketing and design. Over the years the awards have become more and more expansive, including categories not just for traditional marketing but for video, social media outreach, and beyond. Ultimately, the Communicators celebrate big ideas and excellent craft in the marketing field, and we are excited for our agency to have taken home more than a dozen distinctions.

Indeed, more than 6,000 submissions are sent to the Communicator Awards judges each year. For 2016, enCOMPASS has won in a number of categories.

For our work with Carolina Custom:

  • Website – Automotive (Gold)
  • Website – Consumer Goods (Gold)
  • Website – Visual Appeal (Gold)
  • Website – Home Page (Silver)
  • Website – Video or Motion Graphics (Silver)

Meanwhile, for our work with Lamulle Construction:

  • Website – Visual Appeal (Gold)
  • Website – Construction (Silver)

For our work with Davidson Accounting:

  • Website – Financial Services (Silver)
  • Website – Home Page (Silver)

Finally, for our work with Our Towns Habitat:

  • Website – Charitable Organization/ Nonprofit (Silver)
  • Website – Home Page (Silver)
  • Website – Visual Appeal (Silver)
  • Website – Community (Silver)

According to the awards’ website, “The Communicator Awards honors work that transcends innovation and craft - work that made a lasting impact, providing an equal chance of winning to all entrants regardless of company or agency size and project budget… [The Communicator Awards] provide winners and their clients the recognition they deserve, and give communications and creative professionals proof and validation that their work is highly regarded by their peers within the industry.”

This is not the first time enCOMPASS has been honored by this prestigious body. We won 14 awards last year, following honors in previous years. We are grateful for these affirmations, and remain committed to working, first and foremost, to make a difference on behalf of our clients.

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