Christian Cooperative

christian cooperative large

The Pathway Christian Cooperative website was created for a homeschool co-op that needed a website to communicate who they were and what classes they provided. They also needed a way for homeschool parents to register for classes and pay for them online. In addition to the "business" needs of the website, the co-op desired a blog section to help encourage homeschoolers all around the country with ideas, direction, leadership, fun anecdotes and more.

Woven into this website is a full user registration area where Pathway Co-op can post information that only members can see.

enCOMPASS Agency was able to accomplish all of the above while still keeping the site clean, unassuming and underwhelming as not to intimidate the new members of the coop. Needless to say, the client is ecstatic about their new online presence!

Check out the Pathway Christian Coop site here.